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Why I Write

Writing is something that I’ve always been good at- at least since high school anyway. But it’s not something that I’ve always been passionate about. The reason that I started seriously dedicated myself to writing, was founded in a desire for self-analysis and being honest with myself. That’s why I named my first blog “jbcandid”– its sole purpose was initially self-honesty, and as I got more interested in psychology (particularly motivation), and the nature of reality (metaphysics), I  began to focus more on self analysis.

It was through Jbcandid that I was able to initiate my journey of self-improvement, and through my continued focus on writing that I was able to better understand who I was, and shape who I would be. I’ve learned more through writing than I have through any other hobby or activity, and I feel as though writing has permitted me to live several lifetimes within the span of just a few years. For me, writing is fulfilment in the short run, and in the long run, immortality.

So first and foremost, I write to understand myself, and secondly to change who I am, and will be. But I also realized early on that my writing was something that could be beneficial to the world. This isn’t as much of a priority right now, as I feel that I should not try to influence the world until I have perfected myself (damn perfectionism!) But I still realize the essential value on people understanding my writing, because writing that is not appreciated has no value.

Of course I’m good at writing, but out of all the things I’m good at, writing is one of those things I would do even if I wasn’t good at; after all, I don’t write for approval, praise, or personal gain. I write because writing tells me who I am; and having written quite a bit of writing at this point, writing has become who I am.

That’s who I am: a writer.

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