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The original thought behind me starting nspyraishn was “nspyrd” by a need to project a new manifestation (“alter-ego”) of myself, which I initially came to know as “the observer”.

This newer self, which provided the original inspiration for Essence of the Soul and who’s current role is the “shadow self”, a voice in the back of my head (both in the story and in real life), is progressively taking more prominence in my life, both as a personality and driving influence.

However, because my understanding of this self is still extremely limited, the blog dedicated to that self never came to be.

As of late, th3g1vr has begun to stagnate, and in order to prevent my thoughts from being lessened by an OCD need to product high-quality material, I started nspyraishn with the goal of producing quantity over quality (a more casual blog), as well as shorter and more personal blog posts.

In addition to being more frequently updated and containing more fresh, inspirational material, nspyraishn takes a somewhat opposite approach to blogging:

Whereas th3g1vr is me observing reality (the world) as projected by myself, nspyraishn observes my self as projected off of the world (my reality)

In other words, whereas th3g1vr is an extrospective philosophical journal, nspyraishn is an introspective psychological journal.

I will continue to update th3g1vr (hopefully more frequently than I have lately), but for now, nspyraishn will be my main focus, as I get a fresh look at what I look like through the eyes of the world, rather than (as I have been) what the world looks like through my eyes.

In this way I will achieve Balance, for it is only by looking at both sides of the coin that one can achieve full appreciation of the reality that is the world.

The outside looking in

The inside looking out

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