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Never Enough Time

May 28, 2014

While there are many obstacles to success in life, never have I had to deal with one more challenging than time. There’s never enough time to do what I need, much less what I want to do in life. There’s got to be hundreds of things that I could be doing right now, yet I have to choose among that myriad of opportunities a select few, and I can never be satisfied with my choices regardless of what they are. No matter what, I need to sacrifice something, which is particularly frustrating because I don’t want to give up anything.

Time management helps, and establishing clear priorities and structure are good as well. But I know that such an approach has the bittersweet side-effect of limiting what I am able to do, in order to more effectively do a few things excellently. If I were to constrain myself to a few things, like say 5-10, and discipline myself to focus only on these tasks, I would likely get a lot more accomplished that I have so far. But at the same time, I know I’m going to feel twinges of regret as I realize just how much opportunities I gave up to fully realize a select few.

I know that to be successful, it is absolutely for me to give up the plethora of daily activities I indulge myself in to properly optimize my time to truly excel in everything I do. But, being unwilling to give up anything to excel in life, I have compromised on everything, becoming a “jack of all trades, master of none”. This is an even more unsavory situation, since for all my good intentions, my unwillingness to commit to anything in life has produced a well-rounded mediocrity.

Perhaps even a mediocre life by my standards is a life of excellence by the standards of many. But I know better than to judge the quality of my life by comparing it to others- we each have our own individual potential, and it is our responsibility to live life to the fullest. For me to settle for individual mediocrity merely because the rest of the world deems such a life to be “good enough” is not only a waste of potential, but a self-betrayal. I can be so much more than this, yet I am not. This is a tragedy, and cannot be justifiably tolerated.

This may well be just an empty promise, a sincere but unrealistic resolve to correct chronic flaws in my character, thereby finally living life to my potential. But even if such a commitment has no substance in my present state, I am confident that as I continue to mature and build character, it won’t be too long before I am the person I need to be to finally follow-through and realize the potential I have been blessed to be born with!

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  1. May 29, 2014 3:02 am

    Wow- you’re very like me. I also want to do everything, and feel every choice just limits something else. I’m a renaissance man too.

    You’re vague about your aspirations. If you’re happy as a jack-of-all trades, then you are doing life properly, because happiness is the only valuable metric.

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