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My Views About the Space-Time Continuum, and the Relationship Between Time and Existence

January 3, 2013

Time does exist, otherwise man could not have invented a means to measure time. But the measurement of time isn’t real- seconds, minutes, years, days– they might be based on the cycles of the earth, sun, moon, etc.– but they don’t have any real existence. When I use the word ‘time’, it is in the nonlinear sense. Time is basically a collection of data points that divide the patterns of the universe into different states of emanation.

Change can be appreciated through time, because when you “jump” to a different data point (a “moment”, what I refer to as a “ripple”), then you appreciate something has changed. Time exists outside of change; even if there was no change, there would still be time, but time guarantees there will be change, by providing the data points by which to emanate too. If you are water, and there are holes in the ground to flow through, do you think that there is anything stopping you from “changing” by flowing into that hole (data point).

Time doesn’t exist “in reality”, because existence came about as a byproduct of time and space synthesizing as creation. Time doesn’t choose what it exists for; rather, time is a bunch of holes in the void that matter flows through. When matter flows through time, creation manifests. In this way, time both exists and doesn’t exist.

Here is an example of non-linear time-space: the numbered-dots are “time” (data-points), and the empty pockets of space (represented by the yellow line grid) are “space”.Image

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