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Dominance vs. Submission: What’s The Difference?

December 25, 2012

Confused about the difference between dominance and submission when it comes to kissing/sex? Here’s the breakdown:

Dominance is:

1. Initiating the expression (kissing/touching/sex)

2. Usually being on top/above the submissive

3. Doing most of the “work”

4. In charge of deciding what positions to do

5. Is their responsibility to use their power to pleasure the submissive

6. They require the most trust in sex, because they have power whereas the submissive is vulnerable, and having to rely on the dominant to do almost everything, and to not hurt them or displeasure them

Submissive is:

1. Receiving/appreciating the expression (kissing back/touching back/enjoying the sex)

2. Usually being on bottom/below the submissive

3. Is doing almost nothing, just relaxing and enjoying the experience

4. Doesn’t make any of the decisions, relies on the dominant to decide everything in the expression for them

5. Is their responsibility to be responsive in their bodies, and show and tell the dominant what they like and what is pleasurable to them, to communicate their sexual needs, and to suggest things

6. They must trust the dominant one completely, because they are giving all the power to the dominant, leaving them completely vulnerable, trusting them to pleasure them and do what they like, and not hurt them

Now you know!

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