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Solipsism: a dual-solipsist interpretation

August 16, 2012

If the solipsist’s reality only exists in his mind, then he should be able to easily change his reality when he wishes. So since we cannot change reality simply through conscious will for reality to change, that would appear to disprove solipsism. After all, if reality exists only in the mind, then whatever the solipsist should be easily modified through exercising their imagination.

Thus, if a solipsist wanted to be a woman, a dog, a tree, a car, a blade of grass, a ray of sunshine, he could easily transmute himself, because all of these things are part of his mind, and thus changeable by force of will, since the will is also part of the mind.

Additionally, if the solipsist wishes for world peace, lot’s of money, never to have to eat or breath again to survive, to have a perfect life completely free of suffering, then they could easily accomplish these things. So again, the fact that the solipsist did not accomplish these things despite having both the will and imagination to, seems to refute solipsism.

So, in order to show solipsism to be a valid conception of reality, there must be a modification to the theory. this is where the “two solipsists” dualism idea comes in:

There is the solipsist who is doing the thinking. This solipsist is the one who creates your reality, but that solipsist is not you. You are the creation of that thought, not the one thinking it. Thus, you are not actually real (according to solipsism), since you are not the “thinker”; that you are not the thinker is further evidenced by the fact that you did not create yourself.

Therefore, the material reality is not actually real, it is the “mirror reflection” of the thinker who is looking at himself. According to Berkeley’s conception of solipsism, “The Thinker” would be God, and we are the reflection he looks in the mirror to appreciate himself.

The thinker is the one who’s thoughts reality (creation) proceeds from. For this reason, this particular conception of solipsism would be classified as “idealism”, since it is based on the premise that reality (creation) originates from thought. We are that reality, and are not actually real in the sense that we are the mirror reflection of the thinker.

So although the reflection might consider itself real, that is only because the reflection does not realize that they are only an illusory image that the thinker (who is real) has created. In the Bible, this idea is supported when it says “And God said ‘Let there be light’, and there was light”. God’s (the Thinker’s) thoughts spoke reality (creation), into being. and like a mirror image, creation is made in the (finite) image of God. In reality though, God (The Thinker) is the only real aspect of reality, since it is from the thoughts of the thinker that this reality originated.


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