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Evolution In My Perception

August 16, 2012

This post is a follow-up to my post “change in my perception”, written in 2007:

I’ve come to realize that how I perceive my reality is only wholly dependent upon my beliefs (rational state) and my mood (emotional state). When I am sad, reality seems dim and flat, and when I am happy, reality seems lively and meaningful. But it even goes beyond that, my reality is no longer changing with my emotions and thought patterns, it is now evolving!

As I solidify my beliefs in Oneness, and sublimate them from mere “ideas” to real convictions, I’ve seen my reality shift to an evolutionary state. As time goes on, my reality has become more crisp, more 3-dimensional, more real. Whereas with “change in my perception” everything looked so fake and meaningless, things look more real and meaningful than ever before, and with each day that passes, that reality continues to grow in its beauty, meaning, and love. As I continue to embrace the world as the manifestation of the Oneness of which I am part, my reality is evolving to match that belief.

In other words, as I evolve my reality within, my environment shifts to match that inner-evolution. This appears to contradict the solipsist view, which says that because I am not the thinker, I cannot modify the reality that is being thought. But if this reality we live in is actually created by all, and “God” is just a means of conveying the underlying unity of that diversity, then we are all creators, since we are all part of God. Furthermore, since (in my view) “reality” is not actually a “creation”, but an interpretation, then what my reality truly is, is ultimately decided by me, the creation, the arbiter, “the observer”. In other words, because this is my reality, and my perception, I am the one who interprets reality, and thus I am the decider of what reality “really” is.

When this idea is applied to Oneness, it becomes something truly magnificent! Because we are all One, we are all the interpreters of reality, all the arbiters, although our interpretations may differ and our values vary or even conflict, we are still one through our relationship to the “creator”. That is, while we may interpret the pattern of reality differently, We are all living in the same world, interpreting the same reality, communicating the same emotions, participating in the same struggle, living the same life, and there will always be more that unifies us than divides us.

Why should we be in conflict? The reason for this is pride, for it is in pride that differences are emphasized and the power struggle abounds, and it is in the power struggle that division overtakes unity, hatred overwhelms love, doubt infects trust, fear defeats faith. The problems in the world always start within, for it is within that the barrier separating us from the world, the barrier known as “Pride”, is born, growing like a great weed, taking root within until the pristine reality of selfless and unconditional love, trust, and faith….is lost.

As I kill this Ego of mine, this mess of pride that would prevent me from seeing reality through eyes untainted, the world becomes crisp, real, meaningful, connected. All of that “fakeness” and detachment is replaced by love and trust for humanity, until finally….eventually….I will understand wholly. “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” – 1 Corinthians 13:12

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