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My Journey to Oneness, and other thoughts

June 13, 2012

I have spent the last 5-6 years self-analyzing and speculating on spirituality. I started with a question: “What is our purpose?”, and used that as the substance for my first philosophical entry  (it’s listed on my blog as 3rd I believe, but back when I first started I published my work via a subdomain website, it was not until my 10th or so piece that I started publishing via blog format), “Our Purpose”.

From there, I made the decision to continue the thought wherever it would lead, with that original post providing the pattern upon which all future work would build. I continued writing for a long time after all, eventually adding more and more blogs to support my increasingly diverse repertoire.

While my initial goal was not spirituality, over time, especially after I turned 19 and my original Christian beliefs had deteriorated into nothing, I realized that I needed to develop a stronger, more meaningful belief system, and decided that the strongest beliefs to have would be ones that were not dependent on any external authority.

This seemed to be the most rational approach since unlike the logically fallacious beliefs of religious system, which are dependent on appeals to authority, emotion, consensus reality, and an intellectually-volatile exchange of power, originally-acquired beliefs are self-inherent, thus I can trust in such beliefs wholeheartedly– that is, because I sublimated all my beliefs from my very essence, my inner-being, I can have full confidence in what I believe in, because they are part of who I am.

As such, all my beliefs are almost wholly independent of any knowledge, ideas, or information I acquired from an external source; everything I believed in and believe in has its origin in an idea which, for all I consciously knew, was original and unique to me.

The conscious development of my entire belief system started with my blog “th3g1vr”, beginning just a few posts after my breakthrough post “Enlightenment”

My first real post of th3g1vr was “Luck of the Draw”;it was here that I started consciously developing my philosophical speculations into concrete beliefs.

Since then, I’ve been continuing to build on that foundation, with one thought being a continuation of the next, letting my intuition guide with, and having full confidence in the resulting thoughts. One thought led to another, until finally, I serendipitously stumbled upon Oneness. I don’t actually know how I came to believe in Oneness, as like all other concepts it was one I genuinely thought up independently of any knowledge of it, I really thought it was unique to me when I first wrote about it here:

The funny thing is that I write about Oneness as if I already know about it, and had already written in depth about it before….but while I remember the mysterious feeling that led me to it (that mysterious feeling was the basis for the first chapter of “Essence of the Soul”, “The Mysterious Piano”), I don’t remember talking about Oneness before. The closest reference I know of prior to then, was in my post Agony:

In that post, I write about some of my theories regarding the soul, and the choice between the positive essence, the negative essence, and synthesis (denial). I did not understand exactly how this worked until recently:

Positive = Oneness
Negative = Separateness
Synthesis = Spiritual Zombies.

Humanity had adapted to create fake souls to deal with overpopulation and the increasing corruption of souls due to separateness corrupting both spiritual and physical integrity, and further worsening the synchronization process, requiring more tedious and extended soul/body purification between lives.

Because immense corruption + overpopulation = shortage of pure/compatible souls, our bodies have adapted by creating fake souls which simulate souls through referencing DNA structures (DNA is the physical manifestation of the soul), and used these “artificial souls” (what are known as “homunculae”) to animate the bodies. They are essentially the same thing as what we call “zombies” or “ghouls”, but sadly these poor creatures now account for a growing number of humans. I’m not sure if they are a majority yet, but they will be soon if this dilemma is not resolved.

The Spirit Science videos +Alyssa del Rosario recommended me to explains in amazing elegance, clarity and detail over 95% of all I’ve been writing about spirituality the past 5 years, so if you watch the whole series of videos you’ll not only be far more informed about Oneness, the history of the earth, and a lot of very useful meditation, OBE, and psychic enhancement knowledge and resources, but also will be on extremely solid footing with me regarding my knowledge and beliefs about everything that’s important to me. This series is so amazingly comprehensive, that I can honestly say it’s the rational expression of my spiritual beliefs in their entirety, all in just 6 or so hours of video.

You should watch the entire series, it’s totally worth it!

What are your thoughts about my beliefs about “spiritual zombies”? I haven’t heard of their existence directly in the Spirit Science videos, although they do allude to a phenomenon in their “Lucifer Project” segments, where they talk about how Martians tried to create their own civilization based on a false pattern, and it became extremely unstable until they completely destroyed themselves. then they came to earth to consume our resources too. The videos also said that currently a similar thing is happening to earth as did on Mars in Project Lucifer.

Note: FTR, I thought of the “Spiritual Zombie” beliefs long before I started watching these videos, with my first expression of said beliefs being via conversations with my friend Cristina Chance.


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