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Freedom vs Expression

June 7, 2012

(extracted from a conversation with my good friend Liza Persson): To me, freedom and expression are one and the same, I am free because I express, and I express because I am free.

So freedom not able to be expressed is not freedom? Thus those deprived of ability to express their freedom are not free? What about if they experience that they are free, because they have never experienced the limitations on their ability to express themselves?

That would depend on whether you consider perceptual freedom and the expression thereof as the legitimate metric of actual freedom. In the layer of material expression, one could say that constriction of freedom to express freedom materially would be synonymous with slavery. Conversely, if you believe freedom to be an idea that is independent of material expression, then freedom cannot be taken away, only the material (perceptual) expression thereof.

I was asking YOU whether YOU think it matters whether one is “Free” when
one is constrained in ones ability to enact it?

I have been severely limited in the expression of my freedom by financial, social, psychology, emotional, and spiritual constraints, but I never once felt constrained, or any less free. These are just conditions of the environment, they are not part of my character.

So having changed my environment dozens of times, I have confirmed beyond all doubt that when I am constrained in my expression of freedom by my environment, it is not myself that is constrained, but my environment. This is confirmed because when I shift to a less or my free environment, while my environment is altered, I am not. For this reason, I am not only of the opinion I am free, I know it through and through, because with the dozens of shifts of environment and the countless conditions of which such environments are comprised, none has altered my character, nor made me any more or less free than I already was, am, and will be.

So in other words, no, constraints on my expression have no bearing on my actual freedom, they are only a superficial means of expression. The human Ego seeks to prove itself through expression, and by expression validation, but this is a fallacy, as you should know– because I am already one with God, even though my consciousness cannot appreciate this oneness, I already am free. There is no need to validate freedom through expression, this is something I do not to prove I am free, but to appreciate that freedom.

But as you started out by saying that expression and freedom are one and the same, and that your environmental, social, financial and economic circumstances are constraining your ability to enact your freedom, then does that not logically produce the outcome that constrains upon your ability to express/act upon your freedom mean decrease of that freedom?

You misunderstand. when I say “expression” here, I am referring to material expression. But even as far as material expression goes, I already have. when I say “freedom and expression” are the same thing, it is not referring to expression now, but expression in general. I am free thus I express, I express thus I’m free. it’s not so hard to understand. the difference here is that there is no need to express what has already been expressed, or liberate what is already free. Now if you were to say “is the idea of freedom and the material expression the same thing, then I would say ‘of course not’,

But this is obvious I think. If we judge freedom based off material expression, there will always be constraints. I cannot die and still be alive. I cannot jump off a bridge and not get hurt. I cannot breath without inhaling oxygen or CO2, I cannot live in a city without having to deal with civilization. Even if there were no constraints placed on my freedom by humans, animals, or God, I would still be limited in the material sense, because I live in the material world. This is nothing to do with freedom though, these are the very constraints put in place to make material freedom appreciable. So to judge freedom based on material constraints is inherently self-defeating, wouldn’t you say?

I won’t judge my freedom based off material constraints, because if I did I would probably commit suicide, since my greatest virtue (freedom) would be impossible to fulfill by the very nature of life. But I don’t think there is any more material freedom in death, as then I would be limited from being alive, so in this sense everything has some sort of limits on them, even God has limits on what he cannot do directly, that’s why we’re here– to fill in the empty void that he could not fill in (directly) himself.

It would be absurd to expect the material world to be in any way free, instead, I see freedom not as a black-and-white objective, but an incremental ideal to work towards, like the pattern of a fractal. To me, life is a fractal to begin with, so building the fractal of my life towards the evolutionary ideal of freedom makes perfect sense. So suppose that I seek to add a bit more freedom to my life with each iteration. So I say 50+25+12.5+6.25+3.125….over time the idea gets closer and closer to freedom, until freedom and expression become virtually indistinguishable. Of course, this is all theoretical, but it is definitely a goal worth pursuing, yes? Even though I will never we entirely free, with each day I pursue it, I will become that much more free! (in material expression).

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  1. June 8, 2012 12:27 am

    That is life; each day, regardless of circumstance, a march toward freedom, and it will come when you least expect it. That is the individual destiny of all humankind.

    • June 8, 2012 1:30 am

      Did this post help clarify the reasoning behind my idealistic assertions in the philosophical discourse on the subject we had a couple weeks ago?

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