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The Dilemma of Perception

June 3, 2012

I’ve written about perception for a while now, but not until recently did I think of perception in terms of appreciation vs. unity. The conception of appreciation being the natural consequence of separateness is something I’ve only explored recently, with my initial realization of the relationship between the two first expressed in my post “Corrupted Truth”, and later developing a more refined understanding in “Functional Beauty”. What I came to realize over time is that beauty is communication being appreciated, and that appreciation itself is the byproduct of separateness; this essentially means that to appreciate is to sin.

So then, what should we choose? Sin to appreciate or abandon appreciation to realize Oneness? Or can we both appreciate and transcend our perception simultaneously? Is it possible to realize both the question (Oneness) and the Answer (Separateness) simultaneously? And can that consciousness be maintained for eternity, or is it something limited only to mystical experiences that we must meditate on fervently to even experience for a moment? There are questions I ask myself, and the answers are neither obvious nor easy. It would seem that the real journey in life lies in discovering the answer to this dilemma: The dilemma of perception.

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