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Unconditional Freedom

May 21, 2012

In a philosophical exchange about freedom with my Facebook friend Kenneth G. Fulp, I explain my understanding of true freedom, and why my freedom can never be taken from me. I’ve preserved the discourse in its raw format with minimal editing, so as to preserve the original context:

Slavery exists only in perception, and change relevant only in perception. So slavery is both real and illusory, since the transitory nature of it is only relevant as a construct of the ego; We are slaves only perceptively. One of the greatest realizations as that ultimately, we are free, and slaves only to the extent that we rely on socio-economic constructs to express that freedom.

I don’t believe that anyone can have power over those that do not acknowledge the exchange of power. You can limit the expression of freedom, but you cannot limit freedom itself. One might *appear* to be enslaved (perceptively), and that appearance may be justified in viewing that person’s socio-economic status, but unless that person themselves relies on such metrics to express their freedom, the “slavery” is real only in perception; as a person, even if they might not express freedom to the fullest extent, they are nevertheless free. Freedom is not something that can be taken from us, they can take the expression but not the free will from which such expression derives.

If I put you in a room 6X6, feed you and allow you to bathe every other day. If I do that and I force you to pull a lever so many times per hour and you do not get fed, we’ll see how long your treatise on perception lasts.

If you put me in that position, I would still be free. you cannot take my freedom from me. My physical body, and even my mind are of no consequence, because the greatest freedom comes from transcending the identity. You cannot control me or enslave me, because I am not me, I am life, I am freedom, I am potential. Even if you limit my manifestation, I will not be any less free, and you will only fool yourself in thinking you can enslave me with material limitations.

Very cerebral, but entirely unrealistic. If I arrest manifest potential and subjugate it to my whim then I limit its potential. The 1 kg mass sitting a meter above ground has potential energy. If I push it off its mantle and arrest it before it touches the ground I have limited its kinetic energy. The mass cannot yield its manifest potential as a falling object, only to the extent that I allow it. That is slavery, of the mind, of the body. It is barbaric. If it were as you say then it would not be such. The fact that all of mankind sees it the same way is a overwhelming argument against your idealistic phenomenological argument. Slavery is an Aristotelian ‘cave’.

The physical world cannot compromise the transcendent ideal of freedom. Most of mankind sees it the same way, because they are like sheep falling off the same cliff because they feel they have no choice, or slaves because they lack the insight to transcend the matrix of a physical world despite it only manifesting as electrical signal interpreted by our brain. There is no slavery, only those that believe in it. There is no power, only those that let themselves be controlled by it.

But I do have a few friends who are able to transcend this limited and distorted mindset that has pervaded humanity, and come to realize the Oneness that through diversity unites us as One. Like a diamond we are all manifest the glory of God, many facets but ultimately one glorious existence. This is both the greatest unity and the greatest individuality, and it is my hope that someday everyone comes to realize it!

There is no slavery, only those that believe in it.” ????? Timothy, me thinks you need to rethink that. The rest of your holistic view is admirable, and honestly, very attractive, on many levels. But when the very air that you breath, the water and food you are allowed to partake, and every other facet of your life that we as a species take for granted are being controlled by another through indomitable force; that is enslavement. You may spiritually and intellectually rise above that and through force of will and spirit never allow yourself to be dominated. You do not see yourself as a slave, but you are enslaved. The semantics are important. Your metaphysical concept of the power of self resonates and is shared by me. Helplessness of the oppressed can shatter the minds of men through jack-booted brutality and domination. I will always fight against it because there is enslavement; whether you believe in it or not. This view in no way is antithetical to your belief in self and the “oneness” of self with God.

They can take away my food, they can take away my shelter, they can take away my air, they can take away my life. But they cannot take away my freedom. The aforementioned are necessities for manifesting freedom in the real world, But by no means freedom itself, not any more than money is the same as the labor from which it is derived. I am always free, I have always been free, and they cannot take that freedom from me, because freedom is not based in any substance, trait, value, or condition. Freedom is *by its very nature* unconditional, so any attempts to impose conditions to jeopardize my freedom are null and void; those who think they can enslave me only fool themselves, not realizing that attempts to take away my freedom do nothing more than project their own self-imposed slavery onto their false image of me, misconstruing entirely the source of my identity.

That is what unconditional freedom means to me, and why that no one, and nothing, can take my freedom away from me!

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  1. May 22, 2012 10:54 am

    Define Freedom?

  2. May 22, 2012 12:07 pm

    @Cristina Freedom is defined as “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”, and according to this definition, freedom is materially impossible, a mere ideal to be striven towards. But when one recognizes that the only hindrance or restraints that can be placed on us are *perceptual* limitations, We recognize that true enslavement is impossible, that our freedom can be limited or conditioned only in perception.

    Just as our physical bodies limit our souls only in perception, we can only be conditioned by an illusory perception. True freedom is not confined or subjected to any material or spiritual reality imposed upon us. When you that consider true freedom is unconditional, and that perception is itself a collection of conditions, you realize unconditional freedom transcends perception and its limitations.

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