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Why I Consider the SuperEgo the Seat of Socio-Emotional Functions

April 18, 2012

In regards to my assigning socio-emotional functions such as empathy to the SuperEgo, the term really doesn’t matter (to begin with, it only applies to the perceptually (and thus limited) reality to begin with. I struggled a lot with the functions of the Ego and SuperEgo, what domain they control, and what services they provide.

The way I make a clear distinction between the two, is that the Ego is responsible for personal perception/identification, and the SuperEgo is responsible for social/emotional perception/identification. Contrary to what I originally believed, I now feel that both the Ego and SuperEgo are capable of both rational and intuitive thought, although the Ego tends toward more empirical and logical thought (with the intuition being in the form of “axioms”, which are unprovable ideas which are intuitively known and assumed to true so that all other truth can be built off them), and the SuperEgo tends to be more emotional (its primary components being the “conscience”, emotions, and the emotional subcomponents of sympathy, compassion, responsibility, and empathy). 

This way I am able to make the distinction clear is by analyzing which qualities are only useful/necessary when one is alone, and which qualities are only useful/necessary when one is in some sort of social/communicative environment. But it really doesn’t particularly matter, so long as we understand each other. Mostly just a perceptual curiosity specific to the paradoxical process of self-analysis. 😉
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