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The Nature and Merits of Platonic Love

April 13, 2012

A friend of mine asked me how should she enjoy the energy of this guy she met without being unfaithful to her true love, her husband. The answer, put simply, is Platonic love. That is, make your love spiritual, (to use the Freudian term) sublimate your desire for him into pure spiritual love. Soak up his spirit, but just don’t identify with it.

A lot of people don’t know what Platonic love really is, so I’ll tell you:

Plato believe that while carnal love and the appreciation of physical beauty was rewarding, that appreciation of the greater beauty of the energy itself was far more rewarding. He said that to truly appreciate someone, you must recognize that you are not appreciating the person , you are appreciating their energy. and furthermore, the energy you are appreciating is not that person’s energy, but the energy in all things. Finally, you are not *really* appreciating the energy in-and-of-itself, you are appreciating God as manifested through energy, and that energy is expressed through people you love.

So appreciate the energy of the people you love as an expression of God, without identifying with it, and you can never go wrong!

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