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Transcending Ego Depletion

January 28, 2012

In “Psychological Resource Management”, I targeted the problem of Ego Depletion, and proposed a solution that human beings have already to a great extent applied: habits. This is for me a major break-through in understanding how to live a life free of any constraints of what I am able to do– after all, if I am able to efficiently leverage the power of habits, I will have plenty of reserve willpower leftover to channel as I see fit. Ego Engineering is a project I envisioned to provide a framework of habits that will accomplish perfection using these very means.

But of course, even with habits there are distinctive limits to what can be accomplished, and I hoped that I could find a means to also overcome these limitations. In my  blog Epiphany Project, I have been preoccupied with the spiritually enlightening concept of Oneness, and one of the important insights that I gained from Oneness, is the incredibly transcendent properties of living life without the limits of the Ego– living, in fact, without any limits at all. This approach to life is the key to truly transcending Ego Depletion!

When you have a self, you are limited by what you would do, what you believe yourself to be capable of, what amount of effort you can forgo, the strain and stress that you can handle to accomplish something. If you have a self, then you need food, rest, friendship, sex, support– and there are limits and everything you can do, simply because you’re you. When a person transcends their Ego, they also become immune to the depletion of will that their Ego suffers from.

Once you realize that your Ego is an illusion, that you do not actually exist as an individual person, you are then free to do whatever you desire, and accomplish whatever you see fit, because the “you” that was limiting you before has now been taken completely out of the equation. You can survive all manner of hardship and accomplish anything, and your potential becomes limitless, once you live free of the limitations of your Ego. Limitless potential– this is the true beauty of living without purpose!

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