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Life: Plot Holes

January 8, 2012

Up until now my ideas about life have been pretty streamlined, but I have now discovered a critical flaw: To prevent against me doing anything stupid, I had endeavored to never live my life according to what I believed in. The problem with this is simple: motivation, belief, and action have a definitive causal relationship, in which one can only act according to their motivations, and can only be motivated by what they believe in. To prevent this paradox, I have ended up doing nothing at all, and merely recording my ideas, beliefs, and perspectives in the form of blog posts.

So it seems that in order for a person to truly be successful in life (where success is measured according to the amount of productive activity), it is absolutely necessary for them to act according to what they believe in. This being the case, the priority should then be to know, understand, and apply the principles of success from the ground up– this is the purpose of Ego Engineering, not-so-incidentally. To be successful, I must know, I must understand, I must be, and I must follow-through. Success is both a lifelong ideal, and a continually glorious accomplishment that is built on the back of hard work, dedication, solid priorities, and discipline. It is not something that can be achieved just by writing about it. For the truly successful minds, writing about their success is more of an afterthought.

I am at a critical stage in my life, where I need to start producing results, and my life is wreaked to hell with plot holes. I have the setting, some good character development, and a glorious storyline. But the plot, the foundational element that brings everything together, is makeshift and full of holes so big, that the story cannot even progress until they are patched up. Unless I can resolve this myriad of disparities between my beliefs and the life that is failing to project them, not even a Deus Ex Machina can salvage my life, not even to maintain the status quo.

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