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My Compromise of Candidness

November 12, 2011

As people continue to rant and rave about how Facebook is taking away our privacy, I am not in the least worried, because I have everything set to public to begin with. I have nothing to hide, and as a journalist it is to my advantage to get as much exposure as possible. Facebook is a great opportunity to share information, and I make the most of that opportunity by sharing everything with everyone, even people who aren’t even friend’s of my friend’s friends. So the reason why I am trying to move to Google+ as my primary social network, is not because I think Google+ has better privacy features, which although true, is not something I make use of. Even on Google+, I set everything to Public anyway, for the same reasons I did so on Facebook: exposure and transparency.

But what I don’t want, is to be misunderstood. It is for this reason (and many other reasons, which are explained here) that I chose to go by the alias “Timothy Matias” online. Almost all of my activity, work, and thoughts are credited to this alias, not to me. This is because I don’t want anyone to think that The thoughts of Timothy Matias represent who I am as a person. At one point it did, because I was satisfied with who I was, and who I would be as a person. I liked my egoism, my philosophical jargon, my existential angst, my superficial passions, and my fake thirst for knowledge. They were part of who I was as an individual, and made me unique as a person.

At that point in my life, the writings of Justin Benjamin, aka jbcandid and later th3g1vr, were the true me, and I wanted to share myself with the world through that writing. But at some point, I realized that I wanted to change, and change radically, and so I needed to create an alias to represent who I was, so as to prevent people from misunderstand who I will be. For now I am Timothy Matias, but that is not my true character, as I am continually evolving into a new person, with whom which Timothy would have only a little in common with, by comparison.

Justin Benjamin is a different person, and he is not yet in existence yet, but a work-in-progress, the identity of which is yet to be comprehended, let alone manifested. This is not a case of multiple personalities, but of the evolution of character. Most people understand a person as they are, not as they will be, so it’s only natural that if I were to try to get to know them as my true self, they would misunderstand, because their perception of me could not traverse beyond the present state of things. For most people, it would be more natural for them to know me as Timothy Matias, than the ever-changing Justin Benjamin.

I like transparency, but I hate misunderstandings. While I want you to know who I truly am, I have yet to understand that myself, so I will have to leave you hanging; in the meantime, you have Timothy to entertain you. This is my compromise.

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