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When It’s Good To Be Stubborn

November 9, 2011

One of my defining characteristics as a person, is that I’m stubborn. This can be a very troublesome quality, but it is also one of my greatest attributes. So then, how can I use my stubbornness to my advantage, so as to be successful in life?

First of all, my stubbornness translates into persistence, which in turn produces perseverance. So a stubborn nature is necessary for accomplishing the greater things in life; to put it poetically: If one wishes to do the impossible, then one must be impossible. (if you get my pun!) Stubbornness allows me to relentlessly work to fulfill my goals, and never give up no matter what people say, what obstacles in my way, or how long it takes or what it costs. That kind of unrelenting nature, when channeled correctly, will prove a crucial quality in the manifestation of all my objectives.

Then we have the more passionate for of stubbornness: Obsession. I cover the importance obsession, and the means of properly channeling it, in this post.

Finally, stubbornness is good because it helps me to stay grounded in what I believe in, and what I know to be right. While there are many ways of living life, and much potential activities, lifestyles, perspectives, and means of living satisfactorily, It’s only when a person sticks to a single path, which is optimized for their particular attributes, that one can follow-through with the excellence of living life to one’s potential.

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