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The Corruption of Perfection

October 24, 2011

Perfection, which is most simply defined as “the state of completion”, is considered by most to be an unreachable ideal to be striven after, but never reached; depending on the way you look at it, this is very true, as true perfection cannot be borne of a single individual, but is the natural product of the sum of all the Universe– that is, perfection is the state all “all” being One with itself. Of course, while perfection may be capable of existing (and does indeed exist) on the spiritual plane (that is, perfection is very real as a “thought” attached to the very DNA [aura] of our soul), perfection cannot truly manifest in physical form, as very nature of the material world is one of chaos, diversity, and individualism.

To better understand the relationship between the natural world and the spiritual world, let us first attach names to this world that will cause them to seem more familiar:

Nature: the creator of the material world, emanator of our physical being and the blueprints thereof (DNA). Nature encourages individualism, possessiveness, identification, diversity, anarchy, and (ultimately) chaos.

Spirit: the creator of the spiritual world, emanator of our spiritual being, and the blueprints thereof (Aura). Spirit encourages unity, freedom, love, selflessness, and (ultimately) oneness.

These two seemingly opposed forces, which incidentally formed the basis for Plato’s dualism, are not quite the same as “good” and “evil”, but akin to “negative” and “positive” forces. Indeed, a life striving for either pure spirit (spirituality and asceticism) or pure nature (carnality and materialism)– both of these extremes cannot really be considered good, as the former accomplishes nothing at all, and the latter manifests much, but is self-destructive in nature. The one way to live a spiritually and materially positive life, is to live a life of Balance and moderation– the kind of life that Buddha himself recommended, in fact.

This is not to say that a life of compromise (between physical and material pursuits) is the proper course of action– such a life would only deprive a person of half the merits of both– why compromise when you live a complete, fulfilling, perfect life, being One with both the physical and spiritual life? As I said before, the spiritual and physical worlds, and their originators (Nature and Spirit) are seemingly opposed forces– in reality, however, they are really just different ways of looking at the same thing.

Now this is the really important part: Nature is not actually any less imperfect of a force than Spirit is! Just as Spirit is with the spiritual universe, perfection in Nature is only possible through the sum of all the physical parts of the physical universe. Now, this is what I mean by “different ways of looking at the same thing”: The physical world is not actually any more fragmented, or any more imperfect than the spiritual world. The only reason why that we see imperfection and “sin” in the world, is because we perceive these things to exist. By perceiving imperfection and sin in the world, we cause these qualities to manifest, as we interpret our reality according to these attributes.

So then, interpretation is where the real problem lies, and the cause of “evil” in the world can be traced back to our perception of things. We communicate in such a way that propagates imperfection, sin, violence, hatred, fear, doubt, and all manner of “evil” resulting from something as simple as a negative interpretation of the world.

However, note further that the majority of the attributes associated with “evil” in the world, would identify most with the qualities of “Nature”– of the physical world. This is not to say that Nature is “evil”– the true evil (if you would humor me so as to apply this label for the sake of argument) is imbalance! When there is more Spirit and less Nature, very little would be accomplished, and our creative potential would become suppressed; conversely, when there is more Nature and less Spirit (as is currently the case), we become creatively unbridled, but everything we accomplish becomes destructive, divisive, prejudiced, and filled with all manner of hatred and malice.

At some point I realized that finding this “Balance” was impossible without a compass, and so I have continued to search for a means of achieving balance between the two, so as to achieve Oneness (and thus perfection) with both the Natural and Spiritual realms. The answer, and quite an unexpected answer it was, can only be found in Selflessness.


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