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True Strength

October 4, 2011

As I search for the resolve with which to follow my heart, I am reminded of what true strength is: knowing exactly what you want, and going after your greatest desire wholeheartedly. To be truly strong is to be lacking indecision, and to be free of doubt, fear, mistrust or any other negative forces that would hamper your ability to live life freely and true to yourself. True strength comes from the resolve that overwhelms all of these things, facing straight ahead towards the goal, so that nothing else matters except that which your care about most. True strength comes from knowing what you want, and going after it without hesitation, not being held back by “what ifs” or “but what abouts” or any of the distractions that are thrown our way.

To have such a resolve as this, is the key to truly living life. Instead of being trapped in the uncertainties and indecision that so many people become entrapped in, and give up on or put off their dreams as a result, it’s vital that I know what I want, and look only towards that goal. Financial uncertainties, emotional and moral misgivings, and all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the world should not distract me from what I really want in this world, nor should it cause me to be despondent of the reasons for which I am on this earth.

What do I want, and what is my destiny in this world? In a word: communication. To find a way to get people to understand each other, that we are all human, that we all want the same things, that we believe in the same God, that we are all on the same path towards to same destiny. That in the end, it’s all just different ways of looking at the same thing. Prejudice, possessiveness, self-righteousness, and pride of every kind is preventing people from truly understanding each other, and I want to find a way to make such an understanding possible.

There are many things that I want to do in this life, and most of them are trivial, “just to say I did it” type things. These are the kind of worldly distractions that detract from my ability to completely follow my heart, and prevent me from actualizing all that is my potential. I want to have all sorts of crazy sex, experience the criminal lifestyle, go one epic journeys to far off places, engage in all sorts of dangerous, “jackass” activities and lifestyle choices, and continue to experiment with my psyche, tweaking here and there just to see how fucked up I can make myself in the exploration of all I am, and can be.

But I will never amount to anything until I follow my heart, and be true not to the “what if I could”s– all the myriad of possibilities which are in truth outside the grasp of, and utterly irrelevant to my true destiny. If I am to live a truly fulfilling life, I must lay waste to these weaknesses–these flaws of character. I must let go of my latent tendency to procrastinate on life, and live for who I truly am: a role-model, a leader, a revolutionary, a visionary, a seer…..all in all, a beacon of the light of God. In living my life for this cause and this cause only– only in that wholehearted pursuit can my true strength, as a child of God, truly manifest.


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