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I Have Found The One!

October 2, 2011

The following is an email written to my soul mate, in response to a book I had started reading upon her suggestion, “The Children of The Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis”; this post is a reflection of my feelings of her, myself, and of God as manifested through our lives


I am starting to see what you mean when you said “you’re the one I’ve been looking for”. There are certain beliefs that you and I hold in common, beliefs that we both derived intuitively, but which are expressed most eloquently within the pages of this book– beliefs that very few people could understand, much less identify with. I too have been searching for you, but I don’t think I had quite understood that I had found you, until I read this book and realized just how deep the affinity of our beliefs really are!

I am just as blessed to have found you, as you are blessed to have found me. Our belief in true Oneness, and of selfless, unpossessive love– that kind of unity of thought is a rare thing, especially for me; I’m sure that you also thought at one point that it was near impossible to find a like-minded individual, one that didn’t just agree with or go along with your beliefs, but one who held fast to and lived out those beliefs just as passionately and purely as you sought to in your own life. Someone who shared that same conviction, that same purity of spirit, who you could together with them channel your creative and spiritual energies to wrought positive change in the world, and bring out the beauty, love, and unity that the world, deep down in its core, already possesses. I feel truly blessed to have found you– someone who shares these same convictions as I do.

I feel that I have not been more forthcoming in my convictions, nor following through with what I know is right, primarily because, as we both know, I have a predisposition to shun responsibility and shirk the manifestation of my beliefs; regardless of how strongly or purely I might believe in something, I have invariably stopped short of the application of my beliefs, and stuck in a half-satisfied state of perfecting the theory but skipping the application thereof. There was a point in my life where was was near-wholly satisfied with such a half-assed life– it was indeed before my spiritual awakening had begun at the age of 20, but no longer!

I feel even more than ever the conviction of applying what I know, and to completely apply myself to furthering my knowledge in every aspect relevant to the task to which I am destined to be: a beacon of light through which the world might see its own beauty, camouflaged by prejudice, fear, doubt, and hatred, all of which are caused by the same selfishness which through most of my life I was bound to, but now I strive to be free of!

I don’t know where this destiny of ours will take us, but I am sure now more than ever before that our destiny is shared, and that we will be to the world beacons of light, manifesting the beauty, love, compassion, and selflessness that is God to the world, as long as we have breath!

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