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Following My Heart pt2: Communication

August 19, 2011

For a while I was content with just writing, and I wrote on a variety of topics: philosophy, psychology, self-analysis, social dynamics, self-awareness, epistemology, religion, controversy, and existentialism. Everything that I wrote had an incredible amount of meaning, and I felt privileged to be gifted with the ability to convey such beautiful things. When I write, I am not the originator, but the interpreter. Creativity is (for me) the art of taking chaos, and forging it into creativity. Chaos, that perennial Taoic force, is nothing original; however, it is not the raw data (the source material) that makes something creative, but the means and interpretation through which one chooses to convey it.

I am a believer that nothing is original, and that what people consider to be “novel” (new) material, is merely a different way of looking at the same thing. Perhaps everything that was ever thought of, and that will ever be thought of, is really just a more sophisticated way of conveying that which has in reality been in existence for eternity. If life is a fractal, as I believe it to be, then surely everything has its origins in the pattern of the fractal; furthermore, the whole of the universe isn’t just born of God, it is God manifested.

By writing, I am thus able to manifest, and thereby understand, the mind of God. However, in recognizing this, I also became aware that writing was only one medium through which I can understand God; to truly experience God through my creativity, I must journey beyond the trek of a mere writer, and learn to truly communicate. To become one with my creator, I must first become one with the world, and reach a true understanding and appreciation of the world and and all that is in it. To accomplish this goal, I created NspyraishN, created that that I might inspire the world, and that the world might inspire me; after all, inspiration is the key to achieving the appreciation of God necessary to become one with him.

Communication is not limited to words of human language, as writing is; its potential to share God with others is infinite. Through a tender embrace, a simple hand gesture, or the elegance of a piercing gaze– even in such simplicity, we can experience God. Telepathy, witchcraft, and divination– these are also things born of a faith in God, and in oneself. I love writing, because of the power it holds, but why should I limit myself to literary expression, or even to the English language? There are infinite channels through which to interact with and share the bountiful energy that is the world, and I have but one lifetime to explore, and master all of them.

But to truly master communication, I must learn to once again have the heart of a child– to possess the brilliant, curious, adventurous qualities I once had. I must become sophisticated in mindset, but at the same time I must become simple in the motivations of my heart– after all, it is my heart from which all beauty originated. It is only through the balance of mind and heart that one can truly experience and appreciate God.

To master communication to experience God, and to share that experience with others, these are my greatest heart’s desires.


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