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Hypocrite By Nature

June 7, 2011

A while back, when I only had one blog (th3g1vr), I compiled a list of qualities about myself that I found to be unique, and often contradictory. That list, entitled “Living Contradiction“, still very much holds true today, but since then, for me to call myself a living contradiction would be an understatement; I am after all a Hypocrite by nature!

I’m an Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist,  Taoist, Agnostic, and a Unitarian.

I’m a loner, socialite, idealist, cynic, candid, a faker, healer, killer.

I’m sympathetic, cold-hearted, believing, doubting, and I believe that that truth and lies are just different ways of looking at the same thing.

I’m everything and nothing all at once, because I need to be. I must be to reach my creative potential; I am, because my insatiability demands it!

I have two main living philosophies:

1. I am what I believe in

2. I never let my beliefs determine my actions, words, or behavior.

These two guidelines form the basis for the epistemological viability of manifesting the persona of what might be considered a true “living contradiction.” The primary side-effect of such a lifestyle is, of course, that I am a hypocrite by my very nature.

Being a hypocrite by nature does not work well in real life (as I have observed, and expressed in various posts), and so to prevent compromising myself in order to integrate with the world, I have created “Timothy Matias” as my creative persona. He is the ultimate hypocrite, so I don’t have to be!


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