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Being Extraordinary

May 14, 2011

As a person, quite frankly, I am abnormal; I don’t know if I like this quality about myself, but I do know that I’ve come to identify and appreciate this trait, and make use of it to achieve personal success, or at least to determine of such a success as I wish to attain is indeed obtainable through a life as abnormal as my own. But I know that in order for abnormality to produce success, one must be more than abnormality, and far more than normal; to be truly successful, at least according to my definition of success, one must be extraordinary.

When I look to my mentors of success– the celebrities, creative artists, geniuses, and prodigies of this world, I know that they are far from normal. If their abilities were not utilized successfully, they would be insane; it is only because these figures of success were able to sublimate their creative energies– to control and manifest them as art– that they are not considered insane, but as gods. The difference then, between a lunatic and a god, is that lunatics only bother and upset people, whereas gods people look up to and worship.

There is a thin line between insanity and genius, and that line is drawn at such a plane of existence that normal, “laymen” can appreciate. Knowing where that line is drawn, and having the skill to dumb one’s art down so “normal” people can appreciate it without taking away from the original pristine beauty– that is the key to being truly extraordinary!

But to be extraordinary, one must first know what it means to be normal; after all, it’s impossible to properly convey art to an audience if you do not understand and identify with what “art” is to that audience. As the awesome but somewhat misguided dude Jesus once said, “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else.” What this verse is talking about is the importance of empathy in leadership– to please and meet the needs of normal people, you must first be normal yourself, or at the very least understand the merits of normality.

By knowing what it means to be normal, you will be able to understand how to properly convey the extraordinary– to the ordinary. Only then will you be able to surpass the insanity and abnormalities native to the minds of all creative geniuses, and become a god. To be extraordinary requires that one see reality from both sides of the proverbial coin, so that when one’s creativity is expressed, it is appreciated, and the one from which it emanates is worshiped.

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