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March 16, 2011

What is the difference between creativity and art? Put simply, the difference is that creativity is expression, and art is appreciation. To create something novel or amazing requires creativity, but art takes things a step further by ensuring that this “something” can be appreciated, be understood, or be applied. If creativity requires imagination, and elegance requires skill, then art is where these two elements (creativity and elegance) meet.

It’s painfully obvious to me that I have creativity– painful, because despite my best creative efforts, I have done nothing useful with it. My writing does indeed express amazing, novel, and revolutionary ideas, and there is nothing wrong with the logic behind my thinking; however, the means by which I convey these ideas is extremely unelegant, and can be most optimistically described as “raw” as far as content goes. This is a major problem, because ideas can only be great if they are influential, and people can only be inspired by ideas they can understand and appreciate. For my ideas to achieve such a refinement, requires an elegance which I quite simply lack.

As an art critic, I measure not by the caliber of the work or by the originality of the theme, but by the strength of the focus. In every art piece, be it a painting, book, film, photograph, song, or comic, there should always be a central focus; the majority of the given piece should exist not to divert away from this focus, but to illuminate it. The successful use of illumination to bring focus to a piece is elegance, and it is this aspect of art that allows it to be appreciated by people, both laymen and critics alike.

To properly convey my ideas to the world in such a way that they will be well-received as art, instead of condemned to the status of philosophical blabbering, I must frame my words in such a way that is simple and effective enough to be understood; so that my words might be understood to my readers as well as I who wrote them understand them, my words must be eloquent, using only as much words as possible to communicate; only then will all who read my writing be on the same proverbial page as I am, which is prerequisite to anyone, even myself, being able to see my writing not just as mere creativity, but as art.


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