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Poetic Justice

February 15, 2011

Sometimes I honestly think that that Lord Almighty is fucking with me. Okay truth be told, I tend to think that most of the time. Although I like it when most people fuck with me, I hate it when God does it, because it just goes to show how even the most powerful being in the world is just as pathetic as I am, as you are. Yet at the same time, even God is bound under the same karmic guidelines, same ethereal principles, and same cosmic bullshit as everyone else. Now that’s poetic justice! In fact, that I am even alive to write this post is poetic justice. Not because I deserve to be alive (I don’t) or because I deserve to die (I’m still alive, so apparently not), but because I’m right here, right now, doing whatever I do. The very fact that I am writing this blog post means, in fact, that I deserved to write it. That criminals go on rampages, raping and pillaging and killing everyone around them– that they continue to do so is the most obvious proof that they, in fact, deserve to. Later on, they might deserve to die. But until they do die, they must not deserve it. Perhaps, as Sweeny Todd said, “we all deserve to die!” But not yet, else we would have already been dead.

Humanity will always have their morals, and they will continually change their morals according to their environmental needs, all without the slightest twinge of residual guilt. Our religions will change, our morals will shift, our paradigms will evolve, and our ethics will undergo continual plastic surgery, surgery “paid” for under the most ridiculously fallacious of pretensions. But karma has no morality, no bias, no prejudice, and no humanity. The reason why so many “evil” people are still alive today, still wreaking havoc instead of being “brought to justice”, is that the very “justice” that such sentimentality is motivated by in the first place, was never a valid standard to begin with.

Human morality is probably one of the most pretentious and volatile aspects of the human psyche, and yet despite that we blindly cling to it, hoping that it will give us a reason to live– that “God” will give us a reason to live. Even though this “God” to which we are referring changes nearly every day to suite the vain requirements of an ever-hypocritical SuperEgo, we ignore the blatantly obvious and continue living on in ignorant bliss, blaming “criminals” (those who behave in a manner you strongly disagree with) for all the woes in the world. These kind of close-minded people, which apparently account for the majority of all people, are just as evil as the criminals they condemn, but they’re just too blind to see it. But fortunately, karma doesn’t care about that either.

We all get exactly what we deserve, whether we know it or not, and whether we are willing to accept it or not. Karma doesn’t exist to make us happy, to agree with us, or to justify our actions, it’s just there to keep the balance, with the maximum efficiency possible. If you think something is “evil” or “never should have happened” or that someone “should be brought to justice”, then you will probably be disappointed most of the time. Not because they don’t deserve to be brought to justice, but because that’s not your call– that’s not the law enforcement’s call, that’s not your country’s call– heck, it’s not even God’s call. If even God himself has no right to determine what is right and what is wrong, what makes you think you can?

That we all get exactly what we deserve– that’s poetic justice. Throughout living life, experiencing life, and (God forbid) raping and pillaging life, I will have gotten exactly what I deserved, as will have you. This entire time I have only done exactly what I was supposed to do, said what I was intended to say, lived as I was intended to live. The reason why I know this is more powerful than any religious dogma: Because I’m still alive. That I am still alive, after everything is said and done– that too is poetic justice!

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