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World Domination

February 9, 2011

World domination is actually quite simple– the hard part is not so much knowing how, but following through with it. Simply put, anyone can take over the whole world if they have enough reason to– it’s just that until now, a powerful enough reason has yet to be found. Why? Because everyone, and even the terrorists and revolutionaries who are most able to take over the world, are still too happy with the way things are. To dominate the world, you have to be so unhappy with the way things are, that you would without hesitation sacrifice everything and everyone to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, there is one big problem, which complicates the plans of those few who do have this resolve: People who are willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to preserve the existing order– to conserve status quo.

So we then have a battle between the liberals (who want big changes at all cost), and the conservatives (who want things to stay the way they are, at all costs. The battle between these two motivationally-opposed groups is the real reason why no one has ever successfully taken over the world, and also the reason why despite the needs of so many people to keep things the way they are, things keep changing, if only little by little. The efforts these two groups of people to achieve their respective goals largely cancel each other out, keeping the world in a state of make-shift equilibrium. Karma wins! :p

So then, how can we facilitate world domination, with all these conservatives in the way? The only way to accomplish such an arduous task as this, is either to (a) make people want to be controlled, or (b) control everything from the shadows, making everyone else think they are calling the shots, while subliminally manipulating from the shadows. This second option, while infinitely more arduous than the first, is probably the most sure bet for true world domination. There can be no revolts where there is no overlord, and what they don’t know really won’t hurt them. Manipulating from the shadows, that’s how it’s really done. In fact, for all we know we’re all being manipulated from the shadows– even me! Trippy, isn’t it?

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