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The Faculty of Compatibility

December 26, 2010

While it’s possible to love anyone, regardless of race, background, upbringing, or personal character, it’s vitally important for the ambitious of heart to have a mate of comparable drive; for one driven to accomplish great things, they must either have a partner who can keep up with them, or have no one at all. With greatness comes responsibility, and one burdened by the disparities of inferiority cannot live a life that matches their potential, as one such person would be held back by an unworthy partner.

In my case, I have a girlfriend, which although she completely adores me, and I love her, all of the passion in the world could not ensure a future for our relationship, because we are fundamentally incompatible in our values and share almost no common interests. The very reason why this relationship even got started in the first place is because I wanted a relationship, and she was lonely. You could say that I have been exploiting her from the very beginning.

If I had known that we had very little in-common, I would have likely not gotten into the relationship, if only for her sake. But being the selfish shameless person I am, I didn’t think about all that, because I didn’t expect nor wish for the relationship to last; I merely wanted to be inspired, and to inspire her, through the experiences we would share as a couple. It was a short-term relationship from the very beginning, and I liked it that way. What I didn’t expect, is that she would be ready for the long-hall. I didn’t expect commitment.

Once commitment factors in, I have to start thinking about the future, and that’s where things get complicated; as a match made in hell, we have no future, realistically. There are only two characteristics of her that I find attractive: that she is a girl, and that she was attracted to me. Other than that, if I am to be honest with myself, she is no different from any other human, animal, plant, rock, or speck of dust on this planet. There is nothing about her as an individual that I find attractive, and these shortcomings are my daily concerns. Even though I might not have a conscience, I do have standards, and she is far beneath them.

As a result of my lack of compatibility with my girlfriend, I am being held back in life, unable to truly live as freely as I need to thrive, because I have on my shoulders the burden of inferiority and psychological disparity; until I let go of her, I cannot truly live again, because my very existence will have been limited to this level so base that I cannot tolerate, let alone be happy with. Once again I am reminded that there is a price for everything; this is why discretion is so essential for ensuring that one’s means accord to the desired ends. Resolving the motivational paradoxes so inherent in relationships will prove to be one of the most profound struggles for one seeking a balanced life.

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