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Argument for Expectations

December 6, 2010

Obviously expectations alone aren’t enough to be successful. but when I say expectations, I’m referring to self-efficacy– that is, it’s assumed that the person to which the expectations are applied has the wisdom to seek out the knowledge they need to be successful, and apply it.if you want to be anal-retentive about it, the all encompassing version would be: the formula for success can be simplified to three basic factors: desire, control, and expectations.

Desire is the basis of all success, because you cannot truly be successful unless you wish to be successful. Note that people who have success thrust upon them are not themselves successful, but are merely the vessel through which people project their success (i.e. celebrities)

Control is the ability to channel and optimize the energy generated by desire into the given form; by applying characteristics and criteria, and utilizing the given qualities to accomplish the prerequisites (goals) of success, one can actualize (control) one’s potential (desire).

Finally, in order to be truly successful, one must have expectations, as without great expectations, following through with one’s goals (the prerequisites to success) is impossible, because it is through expectations that one is able to extend the success of the present into the distant future; for example, the difference between a revolutionary and a visionary is that a revolutionary merely has the desire for change, and the plans by which to bring such change about; a visionary is first and foremost a revolutionary, but they have the vision (expectations) to not only bring about change, but be able to continue that momentum into the future, and is able to account for what happens next.

If the formula for success were to parallel with time, it would go like this:desire = the present (in the moment), control = the past (using knowledge/skills/etc. learned in the past to channel desire), and expectations = the future (follow-through)

Basically, if you don’t have expectations, you don’t have a future.

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