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Psychological Resource Management

November 28, 2010

One of the phenomena I have been concerned with as of late is the concept of Ego depletion; that is, every Ego has its limit, and thus a person’s amount of self-control (maturity level) is limited; this limit plays a major role in determining personality traits, and strengths and weaknesses. That is, even if one were to exert self-control all of the time, and pursue given ideals by force, the would eventually run out of self-control, as evidenced by Ego depletion. It is for this reason that even social perfection is seen to be an unreachable fictitious ideal; after all, the harder you try, the quicker and harder you will fall.

However, I disagree, and my proof of concept has been around since antiquity: habits. Through habits, one is able to easily behave in a certain way without a need for psychological efforts or even having to think about it; habits begets routine, routine begets a lifestyle, and the lifestyle will eventually be taken for granted. In other words, with the application of solid habits over time, anyone can become perfect, without even knowing it!

The ability to make conscious decisions is what separates animals from humans, and by building within ourselves perfection in the form of habits integrated into daily life, we can if we wish to become perfect, eventually without any effort at all. The day that humans can take perfection for granted, that will be the day that a utopia will become a reality. While trying too hard can only bring pain and suffering in the end, skillfully building one’s life upon a platform of perfection will make perfection seem like common sense; perfection is not only a possibility, it is a opportunity accessible to anyone with the desire to obtain it.

There are three reasons why we are not already perfect: (1) Most have accepted that perfection is not possible, and thus have given up our desire to obtain it, (2) Most of us lack the knowledge of how to become perfect, and (3) Most lack the need or ability to organize, manage, and apply perfect habits to their own life, or to effectively convey these principles to other people.

Interestingly enough, the reasons why we cannot be perfect are also the reasons why we cannot be a multitude of other things; they are rooted in the Id (desire), Ego (control), and SuperEgo (resolve for perfection), respectively. To perfect these three elements of the human nature is to make humanity perfect; the answer has been within ourselves from the very beginning.

If we are able to effectively conceptualize, organize, and apply solid habits to our lives, we can improve ourselves to the point of perceptual perfection, all with minimal depletion of the Ego. By utilizing habits to minimize the resources of our Ego, we can live amazing lives without the least bit of stress to the Ego; habit exist after all for that very purpose. Humanity is built from the ground up to be perfection– our biology and psychology has given us everything we need to make that happen. We just need to learn to effectively use the biological and psychological resources we have been given to make it happen. It’s all there, we just need to muster the knowledge, desire, and resolve to make it happen!


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