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Killer Instinct

November 28, 2010

What is the difference between a kiss-ass male secretary and dictator of the world? While there may be a lot of differences, there is only one clear one: killer instinct! The male secretary is too nice, and doesn’t have the resolve to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals– a quality that the dictator clearly possesses. The Native Americans, who never believed in possessions to begin with, got killed off, raped (both proverbially and literally), and subsidized by the U.S. government because they were too nice, too easier-going, too Type B. While it’s all good to be nice, it’s not good is your niceness prevents you from moving up in the world, or even worse, to get tramped on, molested, and exploited by a cruel, greedy, and unyielding world. For this reason, everyone needs to have a little killer instinct in this world.

(From Wikipedia) “The killer instinct is the human propensity to do whatever it takes to survive or achieve a goal, even killing another human being.” Does that put things into perspective? Whatever it takes! If you need money, acquire it by the most effective means possible. If you need power, extort and manipulate anyone you can make use of. If someone gets in the way of your objectives, get rid of them by any means necessary. That’s the killer instinct.

Of course, most of the time you’re not going to need to do anything dramatic like in some James Bond flick, but if you expect to achieve any serious goals in your life, it’s can and will mean trampling on the dreams of other people, like it or not. If you’re not able to face of to these facts, you’re going to end up a kiss-ass secretary or comparably base-level social status for the rest of your life. If you’re fine with that, great! You would make a fine Buddhist. But if you have any ambition in your life, you’d best be mustering that killer instinct, or prepare to be gravely disappointed.

Do I have the killer instinct? No! Why? Because I haven’t found anything in this world that I care about that much. There’s nothing in life that I need to accomplish, and so I just float along nonchalantly, going with the flow and flying wherever the winds may take me. Don’t get me wrong– I want that killer instinct– but as of now it’s pretty useless until I have goals worth applying it to. So I guess right about now I’m preoccupying myself mainly with looking for that reasons– that impetus, to pursue with that kind of fervor in the first place.

When my time comes, and I finally realize what specifically my purpose is in life (instead of the vague philosophical concepts that I have conjured up in my writing!), then I’ll be able to go after it with the whole of my being, and put everything and everyone on the line to achieve those goals. That kind of feelings– to be able to pursue any goal with that level of passion and dedication, is after all nothing short of beautiful.

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