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October 26, 2010

Note: The following is a rant.

As I listen to female music artists (such as Avril Lavigne and Cascada), I realize that most music catering to females expresses the truth of what it means to be female, emotion-wise anyway. At first I thought that it was a coincidence that these albums seem to contradict each other in the message expressed, that surely the people singing must be talking about different people, or the person the singer is expressing is different. But the more female music I listen to, the more obvious it becomes to me that they are all feelings coming from the same person, and about the same guy(s). As it turns out, listening to female music is one of the best ways to understand the female heart, because it expresses with profound honesty their longings, desires, conflicts, and character.

In my past relationships, I became intimately familiar with the irrationalities of the female character. She feels in love, and then inexplicably decides to change her mind, and believes that feeling to be equally valid. She strives for the ideal of loyalty, and yet is the most fickle of all creatures. Females ask for honesty, yet are the biggest of liars, They emphasize commitment as paramount even as they adulterate, and they request independence in their most vulnerable of moments. Females are the most unreasonable creatures I have ever encountered.

When I was at Clearfield Job Corps Center, where I had my first long-term relationship, I found out first-hand how unreasonable females can be. I was told by my friends that girls aren’t that bad in the real world, but having now experienced both sides of the coin, I only half agree. Job Corps is a place of honesty, where the true self of everyone becomes exposed, exaggerated, and forced to the surface. While females in the real world might not appear to be that bad, they are in truth really that bad– they just hide it from us most of the time.

Now although this is a rant, I’m not attacking female character– if I could be a female for a year, I would be one. It’s more like I’m thinking that females have it hard. I mean, I can see why they can be so escapist about everything– how else are they going to handle all those emotions? They can’t just handle it logically like us males can, they don’t have the ability to just calmly break down, organize, and disperse emotions like guys do– they have to either resolve them, or escape from them, then and there. They are living contradictions, most than any guy– even I could ever be. They appear to be sane, even more sane that most guys when they have to be, but that’s just a ruse, truth be told. They bear it out though pure willpower, because they they have to. It really can be quite a torture, being female.

But nevertheless, if you think that suffering alone is going to make you more attractive, you’re going to end up with one hell of a superficial guy, certainly not with me. If you expect virtue from me, I will expect the same of you, even if it means exposing the wretchedness that you hide so well. Yeah you might not like having to reciprocate honesty– heck, most females probably aren’t even honest with themselves. That was the case with my last relationship after all– things didn’t work out with us because to the very end she couldn’t be honest with her true feelings. If you can’t expose your true feelings both to me and yourself, than you’re no better than my ex.

I know it might be unreasonable for me to ask females to be reasonable, but just try it out a little bit. Maybe with time you can learn to mature on the inside, instead of just pretending to be mature on the outside!

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