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Virtue of The Game

September 30, 2010

In the last month I noticed that I have had significantly higher performance in everything that I do, and it’s quite refreshing of a development; I’m better at playing games, have better reflected, am more observant of social cues, am more insightful in my writing, and even read people’s minds to an uncannily accurate degree. What is the cause of this change? I didn’t learn something I didn’t know before; I’m merely applying what I already knew. My greater performance is merely the evidence of the Virtue of The Game, and I finally decided to start playing.

What is the game? It’s a mindset for living life. There are many different ways of looking at life, and one that seems to be most beneficial in my case is that life is a game. The reason why this perspective most appeals to me is because if life is a game, I can dismiss any existential misgivings or epistemological uncertainties as irrelevant. In other words, because life is a game, it doesn’t matter what my true purpose is, whether or not people truly understand me (or I understand them), or even if God exists. All that matters in the game of life is that you win. And with the rules so clearly laid out by society, all it takes is a bit of attention to detail, strategic planning, and personal dedication (in other words, taking the game seriously!).

If life is a game, the only way to lose is to die, and as I happen to know that I’m not going to die any time soon (call it a really strong hunch!), the only thing left for me to do is to win! The information is all there– I know how I need to dress, behave, know, communicate, react, and present myself in order to win this game called life. I just need to formulate my thoughts into an effective plan, and put it all into action.

I’ve already put in place some habits, but this is only the beginning. Project Mathias, the brainchild of Ego Engineering, is a plan for perfection that starts with habits, and builds up from there into a comprehensive lifelong outline to ensure that the maximum amount of potential is actualized, thus producing what might be considered perfection. All the resources I need to ensure personal success and eventual perfection are right here in front of me; I just need to start taking The Game seriously, that I might instill the virtues of life within myself, thus ensuring epic win.

I’ve had many difficulties in finding for myself a motivation worthy of living for, some deep transcendent cause that I might somehow be justified in striving for. But I’ve got it all backwards: an imperfect person cannot achieve perfect faith, because his perception of life is faulty, thus inadvertently corrupting whatever perfect faith might otherwise coexist. If I wish to achieve perfect faith, I must first become perfect, and in doing so develop the personal maturity prerequisite to a perfect faith by which I might transcend even myself.

Knowing this, I recognize that if I am to begin truly living, I must discard my pride and just play the game. As my own existential reasoning is by nature corrupt, it would be foolish to be held back in living my life by thoughts that have no validity outside my own Ego. By playing the game I can better understand my place in the world, and by understanding my place as decided by the world, I will have enabled myself to see with clarity the place I have within myself as well. This is the Virtue of the Game.

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