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Recycling Can Be Wasteful!

September 12, 2010

The majority of my writing has been focused on me conveying my thoughts to the best of my ability, about issues that I feel are not addressed fervently enough, and / or of a unique and outre’ nature. That is, I write to draw attention to my own idiosynchronicities, and express why that I think that my eccentric thought patterns on the given subject matter are not only logically valid, but should be obvious. In doing so, I hope to inspire myself (and as a byproduct, others) and be enabled to understand that which most people do not– or for that matter, wouldn’t want to understand in the first place.

But even if my concepts are idiosyncratic, the basic ideas are far from original– I am merely taking ideas that have been around for thousands of years, and applying my own unique interpretation to them, effectively making age old concepts look like originality. No matter how much thought I put into my subject matter– what I write, nothing I say will ever be original, so to attempt such a feat is futile and meaningless. All that I am doing by generating so-called original ideas is recycling and remastering old concepts; I am rehashing ancient philosophy by giving it a “new spin”, taking as my own concepts that have been around forever– in truth, my “wisdom” can’t reasonably belong to anyone at this point, if there be a living being that can take credit for such knowledge, it must surely be none other than Gaia herself!

So then, it seems that I should take a new approach– rather than trying to think up new thought (which will only further corrupt the once-pristine wisdom of old), I should take what knowledge that already exists, and seek to clarify, expound upon, and (ultimately) apply that knowledge– and also to share (and aggregate) that knowledge with the whole of the world.

I have the unique ability to experience and convey anything I want to– I can if I wish be a female, a criminal, a killer, a spy, a parent…not just to empathize with or understand– but I can actually experience what it means to be all of these people, and convey in vivid detail and comprehensive expression what it means to be such. I’m not just blowing hot air here– I have felt a female orgasm, and the pains of giving birth, and the anxiety and intense emotions of being a woman; I have experienced the cravings to kill, the enthusiasm and criminal pleasure of torture, and the desperation of needing to steal to survive. I have felt the paranoia, adrenaline rush, and emotional barrier of being a spy, and I know well the sacrifices that even President Obama had to make to become president. I can feel and experience it all, even without actually being it.

So then, I should express these things, right? I can if I am pressed to write a novel in a day, and I could probably write 100 novels in a year if I set my mind to it. Writing isn’t that hard for me, and imagination comes naturally for me– there is nothing that I can’t write about with such depth that you could have sworn that I had been there– that I had done that.

The reason I can write so convincingly– is because I have been there– I have done that. Maybe not physically, but I have in spirit. I have opened my mind to the world, and realized that I am the world, and the world is me. The more that I realize this, the more freely my thoughts flow, because through the spirit of the world, there is nothing in life that I cannot experience– I just take it all in, the memories of the world. I take it all in, because like Jonas I am the receiver of the world’s memories, and steward to the world’s heart.

It is then my responsibility to do what I can, and what I do best is generate thought, and express it creatively– amongst other methods, via writing. These thoughts that I generate however, must not be that which I myself have thought (being only a reflection of The Knowledge as reflected off my own soul)– that interpretation is only a dim light that distorts the pristine truth. Rather, so that I might fully grasp the light of the world, it’s vitally important that I open up to the world, and experience the world as it is through the eyes of everyone in the world– only then might I be able to truly express the world as it truly is: Beautiful!

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