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August 25, 2010

Although I tend to hold back most of the time, I have much to say in my criticism of females, much of which can be found in my post “Feminist Rant.” The reason why that I am so passionate in my misgivings of feminist culture is not because I have something against feminism, but because I so passionately support it.

I feel that the feminist movement is beneficial to humanity overall, but I also recognize that many of the strengths of feminism are being undercut by its lack of integrity, organization, and most importantly, a lack of control. In my rant on feminism, I made the mistake (“in the heat of the moment”) of contending that “What women don’t realize, is that they are not genetically equipped for this kind of control– they are far too emotional for it.” I have since omitted the word “genetic” as it is not relevant; I also added a premise to note that this isn’t about female genetics (I am an extremist nurture-over-nature proponent to begin with), but about the female culture (aka “feminism”).

But my mistake here also sheds light on a very important issue: feminist culture in its current state is so lacking in controlling mechanisms that most people (even most females) support the contention that “women can’t control their emotions” as ‘a given’; that women are incapable of controlling their emotions is even considered by many to be “common sense.” As an avid supporter of Positive Psychology and Responsibility Assumption, I beg to differ; it’s not that women are incapable of controlling their emotions– it’s just not in their nature to. In other words, everyone (man, woman, or “it”) is capable of being whatever they need to be, and do whatever they need to do– but only if they want to.

Females are incapable of emotional control not because of genetic limitations, but because of cultural constraints; they can’t control their emotions because the predominating feminist culture won’t let them. In other words, because females are expected to be unable to control their emotions, being unable to becomes only natural. The reason why females have this weakness is because they are expected to by the Society we live in– a society that expects women to be emotionally weak and socially sophisticated (“just look pretty”).

From my own experience, feminist culture is overall superior to masculine culture, especially in a world where social interaction has become the most influential judge of perceived superiority. Despite the fact that females are lacking in their ability to control, their ability to manage is far superior to males, and this is clearly demonstrated in the increased prominence of female managers, the widespread adoption of Socialist ideals (which are by their very nature feminist); democratic government is actually predominantly feminist in its structure. The world is being taken over by feminism, whether they are aware of it or not; for this reason, it is essential the before feminism gains any more ground, that its weaknesses be either eliminated, depreciated, or most favorably, sublimated.

Feminism has a lot of potential, but from what I can tell, most of that potential is untapped. If feminism is to be considered favorable not just as an alternative lifestyle (as it has been), but also as a norm, we must unlock its untapped potential; to do that, Feminism must compensate in the areas that it is most lacking: integrity, organization, and control.

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