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Meaning Of Life

August 21, 2010

Sometime ago, I was able to isolate the meaning of life to one single factor: Control.

But how do I explain this to other people without getting their defenses up– without bringing out the self-righteous bullshit that seems to permeate everyone to the core? I can hear your responses already, explaining to me that only a cold-hearted person would think that the meaning of life is “control”, that there are more important things in life like family, friends, social bonding, love, trust, and self-actualization. Stop!…you’re not getting what I’m saying! Perhaps because you are programmed by the society we live in not to get it…What you’re not getting…is that all of those other things listed are all forms of Control too! Everything that gives us meaning in life is built on the need to control one’s reality– in fact, nothing that you find meaningful in life would have any meaning at all unless you exerted some level of control over it. Without Control, there would be no meaning in life.

There is no way that I can properly explain this in a way that you could understand– not unless you were already on the same proverbial page as me to begin with, in which case you should already understand anyway. But nevertheless, I will try my best to clarify these points– after all, the inability for people to understand the relevance of Control to all that they hold dear in life– this ignorance by the masses is the cause of most of the suffering in the world. As explained in “Human Nature”, nothing can be perceived or appreciated without possessing a nature, and it is humans who apply this nature to all that is. The key word here is “possess”; we cannot appreciate anything– that is, we cannot find any meaning in anything– unless we possess it, and force our own perceptions upon that reality. In other words, it’s impossible for anything in life to have any meaning unless we possess it.

By controlling and manipulating the various aspects of reality, we make our own meaning in life. Sound familiar? The last part does anyway– most people would agree to some extent that we make our own meaning in life. But you should also know that to create anything, you must first exert control over it– after all, trying to create anything without controlling it can only result in one thing: Chaos. Even if it were possible to “create” chaos, there is one problem with the end-product: It can’t be appreciated. Chaos has no standards by which to be appreciated, and so the distinguish one chaos from another would be impossible by its very nature. It’s all CHAOS. So even if chaos could be created, such a creation would have no meaning– or rather, any meaning that chaos might otherwise have would be lost in itself, as there is no way to appreciate something without standards being applied by which to appreciate its existence. So then, it is clear that no meaning is life can exist without control– in fact, control is prerequisite to all meaning in life; Control is the necessary foundation upon which all meaning in life is built.

This is not to say that all meaning in life is Control; that is what I thought at first, but then I realized that control is in and of itself a mere concept, and has meaning only in association with what it is controlling. So the sample arguments at the beginning of this post– that “family, friends, social bonding, love, trust, and self-actualization” are the meaning in life– these arguments are valid, as these things can be meaning in life– these are many different meanings in life, and what meaning is most prevalent must be decided by each person for themselves. But although the meanings may differ, it must be understood that all of the different meanings and life are appreciable because they are different ways of looking at the same thing: Control.

I once compared Control to the Ego, as I knew that they had a very close relationship; so close in fact that they could to some extent be considered interchangeable. The primary difference between Control and the Ego: the Ego is a very specific type of Control; whereas Control is possessing Reality, the Ego is possessing the Self. This is a very interesting relationship, particular since Reality and the Self also have the same fundamental limitation: they cannot exist without being controlled– without being possessed. Just as Control gives Reality meaning by possessing it, so does the Ego give the Self meaning by possessing it.

Perhaps even more curiously, both Control and the Ego have no inherent meaning; rather, they derive their meaning from what they are possessing, and become real only by taking on the form of what they are possessing. Neither the Ego nor Control could exist without a Reality and a Self to control, but at the same thing, neither the Self nor Reality could exist without an Ego and Control to possess them– at the very least, their existence would be irrelevant since it could not be appreciated. As such, Control has a symbiotic relationship with Reality, and in the same way, the Ego has a symbiotic relationship with the Self.

This is where prejudice comes in: In this symbiotic relationship, it is the exchange of power between the Ego and the Self, and between Control and Reality– this exchange is what gives life meaning. By acknowledging that an entity has been possessed, the exchange is finalized, and that object possesses meaning, thus indirectly giving life meaning. I lack the in-depth understanding of the exchange of power (I went into it in-depth in my post Idealism, but I have yet to properly comprehend that post to this day, even though I wrote it!), but hopefully you will have at least better understood just how relevant that control is to the meaning in life; I know I have 😉

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