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August 20, 2010

In one lifetime, this is much opportunity to accomplish great things, and for those of us who have ambitions, life is a constant struggle to be all you can be, and to proof yourself by rising above the masses no matter what sacrifices you must make. You must sacrifice yourself if you wish to gain the world, and give up the momentary pleasures in pursuit of the more permanent satisfaction. But when will you finally be satisfied? When is enough going to be enough? There has to be a point in life where do draw the line and say, “that’s enough! I have earned the right to my satisfaction, and so there is no need for me to struggle any longer!”

Will that point ever come for those of us with insatiable ambitions? Probably not…our Egos are too great for a single lifetime, or even several lifetimes to accommodate. We who know all too well the potential of humanity, and yet cannot fulfill it…We who set our goals so high that to achieve them would be impossible, just because we can!

No matter what you achieve, nothing will ever be good enough until you let it be good enough. There’s no divine barrier that will tell you when to stop; you have to decide that line for yourself. When will you draw the line? What good is it to conquer the world, if you are unable to appreciate the world’s magnificence? What meaning is there in saving the world, if you lose yourself in the process?

The best part of living isn’t the dissatisfaction of knowing you could be doing more with your life; the best part of living is when you finally realize that you were good enough to begin with! Until you realize this important truth, nothing will ever be good enough, because there will always be something “better”! Your life will never have any real meaning until you draw that line. Until you decide for yourself what kind of person you need to be to be satisfied– until you set that definitive expectation as to what you need to accomplish in your life to be good enough for yourself, nothing in life will ever have any meaning.

Until you decide what path you take, and are satisfied with that path, nothing in life will ever truly be meaningful.

Until you are satisfied with who you are as a person, you have no future.

You who like me let your ambitions prevent you from being truly satisfied: there will never be any meaning in your life until you break free of yourself– of your goddamn ego! Until you are free of your pride, you are just a lost soul. Until you let yourself be satisfied, nothing you do will ever have any real meaning, because you let your own ambitions prevent any meaning from ever being consummated!

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