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Life is a Game

August 13, 2010

If life is a game, what would your life look like?

Perhaps if everyone thought of life like a game, they would be better off. We’re already practically there, with society deciding everything for us, and predictability being considered “the greatest good”. If you play a life simulator (like “The Sims” Franchise or “Second Life”, you’ll find yourself thinking that these games are very similar to life– and if you’re an escapist like Generation 2.0 young people are nowadays, you might yourself thinking that simulation games are more real than real life. In either case, it’s become apparent that regardless of whether or not you “choose to play”, life is becoming a game more and more as time goes on, so if you don’t want to be life after, you have to learn the rules.

What are the rules of life? There are infinite rules (as thousands, if not millions of new rules are added every day) to this Game called Life, and it’s impossible to know them all. But you can’t cheat when it comes to life (which is why life is the m0st fair game ever “invented”)…rather, the better that you know the rules, and the more rules that you know, the more likely you are to succeed at life.

There’s rules determining what your mood is, how many friends (and how good of friends) you have, how good of a job you have, your global popularity and perceived value (net worth), and what your moral alignment and reputation are. Everything that you do in life, and whether you succeed at these things, is determined by your knowledge and application of life’s rules. It’s like an art form, but unlike art, this is reality.

Sounds fake, doesn’t it? Well it is, seeing as how life is fake– or rather, we have made it such. We like fake, because superficiality is predictable and understandable– the whole WYSIWYG mindset is very attractive to us control-hungry and insecure humans…To just be able to gauge who a person is and what they’re about in 15 seconds, that’s a lot more satisfying than the insecurity and doubt of having to face the honest truth: That we really can’t even begin to truly understand each other. Which would you have? Insecurity and Doubt, or Convenience and Superficiality.

If I were to be really honest– yeah, in all truth I don’t like the Game. Everything comes with a price, and I don’t think that Convenience and a false sense of Security is worth the Superficiality that my Reality– or should I say– the reality of the World– has become. But even if don’t want to play the Game, I have to know the rules if I want to succeed, because like it or not, things have already gotten to that point– the point of no return. The world has already launched itself into a Jumanji, and so we have no choice but to finish what we’ve started.

I like to think of myself as an “insider”- someone who pretends to be part of the syndicate, but is really just collecting dirt on the bad guys while biding his time for the inevitable “sting operation” to go down. I’m just going to go along with the Game, using it to get into people’s heads, understand what makes people tick. As much as I can, I’ll use the Game to my advantage, so that when the time comes (when the Game finally ends, AKA “TEOTWAWKI”) I won’t come out empty-handed. Might as well milk it work what it’s worth– that’s what I figure.

The mindset that life is game is nevertheless very intriguing: If life is truly a game, there are no consequences or fear; only the desire to win, and the opportunity to develop the aptitude necessary for winning. Perhaps living life as if it were a game can provide invaluable insight into what it means to truly appreciate life, by savoring every day like there is no tomorrow. Such a mindset would be quite liberating, and would free oneself up to stop worrying about failure (In a game, if you fail you can just continue from the save point), and “just do it”– to just play the Game. If life were a game, we would be freed up from meaningless worrying and psychological stagnation, and able to just live life, and to appreciate every aspect of life just as one would appreciate all the different aspects of a game.

Perhaps I will eventually “face reality” and live life with a bit more discretion about what my future holds, and what values that I should hold dear in life…but for now…I’ll just life is as if it were a game

After all, it practically already is anyway!

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