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The Greatest Of All Evils

August 12, 2010

From a logical standpoint, evil can be determined through sociological causality– that is, “if everyone did ‘x’, what effect would ‘x’ cause on a global scale?

For example, if everyone found the opposite sex repulsive (in other words, if everyone were “pure gay”), copulation for the purpose of reproduction would cease to occur, thus bringing about the slow death of the human race, due to psychological infertility. Thus, homosexuality is evil.

Using the same argument, we can explain why these other things are evil:

1. If everyone murdered, the whole human race would die.

2. If everyone raped, it would bring about the collapse of society, and reduce the whole human race to a state of psychological poverty (Hell).

3. If everyone stole, the global trade system would collapse, and extreme distrust (and thus poverty) would ensure. It would thus also cause (though not as much as as Rape) widespread psychological poverty.

Using the same methodology, it can easily be proven that cigarettes, marijuana, harder drugs, prostitution, alcohol, pornography, most other “evils” to be justified, as their nature becomes apparent when the proverbial denominator is multiplied to the “common” level.

So then, what is the greatest of all evils, judging by this methodology?

No, it isn’t murder, rape, or thievery, as the Boondock Saints (and mainstream society) would have you believe. It’s something far more difficult to pinpoint, because it’s far more accepted in society.

It is the one evil that is at the core of human nature, an evil that everyone is guilty of, and something so completely embedded in us that we might never be able to wholly rid ourselves of it!

The Greatest of all Evils…is prejudice!

Now I’m not just talking about the kinds of prejudice that society scapegoats– racism, discrimination, stereotyping. These are evil, yes; but they are relatively easy to rid oneself of in comparison to the more ‘natural’ prejudice– this kind of prejudice is almost impossible to become free on, because it determines the very reality that we live it– It has even become our reality!

What I wrote for my book “Essence of the Soul” explains the nature of true prejudice (and its effects on the nature of reality) as follows:

By what method can one determine reality? We have guides all around us, things like the senses, logic, and the perceptions of those around us, but does it not vary from person to person, even if only the slightest? In addition, with all honesty we can only accept that this reality we are bound by is wholly attributed to the past. What if reality was something to be discovered, is something to be explored? Most choose to leave those questions unanswered, and accept the reality created by the past. Some indulge in determining their own fate, but “in reality” are still bound by the same legacy; many of these would not realize this even if they were told, because the vast majority of the rules bestowed upon us are painfully unsaid. It would seem that this would sum up all those that are governed by this antiquity in one way or another, But let us not forget the select few that make the choice to abandon these limitations and create their own reality- although some do not yet know they have made the choice.

Basically what I was saying is that reality has become so warped by prejudice that true free will has almost completely ceased to exist. The need to prejudge everything– to force everything into a proverbial box– has almost completely destroyed freethinking, making everyone dependent on society to tell us what reality is.

This is the opposite of how things were supposed to be– we created society so that we could wrap human issues into a little box– society was supposed to be the scapegoat; now it seems that we are society, and society has scapegoated everything else so that everyone (where everyone is represented by society) can continue to live in a perfect world where we don’t have to decide what is right or wrong anymore– society will decide it for us.

Life is easier that way– yes. But there is a price for everything, and the price for simplicity is corruption. It’s far more convenient to put everything into a box– to stereotype everything and call such a cut-and-dried world “reality”. It’s only natural to feel “in control” of the world you live in– a world where everything is accounted for and nothing is unknown.

A world that is predictable and justifiable– a reality that can be relied on and be consistent with itself– that’s the kind of world that everyone wants.

But the problem is that a world like that “simply” does not exist.

Despite what Society would have you believe, there is no Consensus Reality.

There is no “perfect world.”

This is what makes prejudice so completely evil…Buddha was right all along– Ignorance really is the source of all suffering. By stubbornly believing in Society’s “perfect world”, we are only creating suffering for ourselves.

Because of prejudice, people misunderstand each other.

Because of prejudice, people hurt each other.

Because of prejudice, people lie, cheat, steal, and kill.

Because of prejudice, people give up on relationships, or decide to break things off.

What is prejudice?

Prejudice is when you decide that there’s no better way than your way.

Prejudice is when your beliefs and values become facts instead of opinions

Prejudice is when you let your assumptions about life decide how you live your life.

Prejudice is the need to control things that cannot be controlled, to know things that cannot be known, and to categorize and simplify things that are far too complex to even be accurately assessed, let alone simplified.

As I said, everything comes with a price; this is the law of Balance.

Prejudice simplifies everything; the price is this is karmic– because people try to simplify reality through prejudice, everything becomes infinitely more complex.

Because we tried to open Pandora’s box so that we might simplify it’s contents, we inadvertently unleashed a chaotic beast upon us, and it is this beast that has become the greatest of all evils…

What’s the worst part of the woe that is prejudice? Society!

We created society to simplify ourselves– Society was to its core created as the first prejudice, and to this day the only truly universal one.

But simplicity breeds complexity, and complexity corruption, and corruption Evil…

Is it then any surprise then, that absolute simplicity takes the form of Chaos, which itself is the polar opposite of Control. This is the law of Balance that we are bound to– the more that we try to control our reality, the more chaotic it will become.

Because Society is the most comprehensive and universal simplification of reality, is it any surprise that there is so much evil in the world? By trying to control and simplify everything– we brought upon ourselves prejudice, and it has thus proved itself to be the worst kind of evil.


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