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Running In Circles

August 7, 2010

As I look over my past writing, I find that some of the things I am writing about now are things I already targeted a long time ago. So what’s the point, if I’m just covering material I’ve already covered. At this rate, am I just running in circles? Perhaps, but it’s not the kind of circle that one would expect– it may not even be a circle at all

When I retrospect of what I’ve written in the past, and what I’m writing now, one analogy stands out above all: The Rose. Like the rose, I started at the core of the issue (Our Purpose), and worked my way outward; and like a rose, though I might appear to go in circles, my writing is very layered in nature– live a rose it is not my shape that defines who I am, but my layers.

As I continue to write, I do keep coming back and addressing the same issues, yes– but with each reiteration of the past comes a far greater and more complex beauty, just like a rose. The  more that I write, the bigger my petals become, and greater in number they become. But most importantly, the more that I write, the more clear my purpose becomes, and these layers that once appeared only to run in circles have bonded together into an appreciable form.

So you see, I am not merely running in circles– I am spiraling outwards, growing into a beautiful and complex flower.

The beauty in me is reflected in my writing, for each time I write about a topic already addressed by previous posts, I write it with more clarity, more insight, and more wisdom than the first time around. Even though I am still concerned with the same issues, as I continue to write, my knowledge and insight into these issues only increases, and my ability to effectively write about them only grows.

One can never fully know a story after only reading it once, and neither can even the author know his own story after only writing it once. It is only by reading and writing it again and again, and by constantly thinking of how to improve it and to better understand it, that one can become truly intimate with a story.

In the same way, it is only by “running in circles” around an issue that one is able to understand it– to be intimate and authoritative of an issue requires that the same issues be redressed over and over again until one’s knowledge of that issue becomes full in potential and refined in character. At least when it comes to human knowledge, perfection can only be realized through incessant reiteration.

I might appear to be running in circles to you– and even to me at times; but I know in my heart of hearts that I am going to right path. My goal is perfection, and if that means covering the same ground over and over again, so be it!

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