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Paper Flowers

August 7, 2010

Evanescence’s song “Imaginary” strikes a very important point in the song’s justification of escapism, particularly in the following verse:


Don’t say I’m not in touch
With this rampant chaos
Your reality
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare i built my own world to escape


I can very much relate to this song, because I honestly believe that the suffering, hatred and feigned-peace in this world are sickening– it’s not something I want to accept, nor something I will accept.

It’s for this reason I intend to help build a more “utopian” (if you will) reality, founded on values which, although they are most essential to human civilization, have somehow become lost in the politically-correctness of society.

Many people consider me an idealist– that my ideas about life are too optimistic, that they are too unrealistic to ever become reality. They are right about one thing- I am an idealist. But my ideas will be realized, if only by pure willpower. They must be realized– not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of humanity as well. As things stand down, we are doomed to live out a false peace, a world oozing with corruption overflowing from a fractured dam that we call society.

There was a point where society could protect us, that we could just live “normal” lives and society would take care of the rest, a made sure that the proverbially “perfect world” image was maintained. But society can’t protect us anymore– we now have to create our own world to escape to– our own world of paper flowers to find refuge in. Escapism, as sad as it might seem, is the only way out of this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

It’s already started– this migration to a fictional world– even though most of the older generation won’t accept it…perhaps they don’t even realize it’s happening. As people live their lives more and more via the Internet, and via video games and anime, it’s getting to the point where people living in “the real world” are the one’s ‘out of touch’, even though not too long ago it was the other way around. The line between fiction and reality has already begun to blur, and escapism is no longer viewed as ‘an illness’, but as normality. It would seem that society has given up on itself.

As for me, I have no intent of escaping like everyone else. Escapism is inevitable, yes, but how that I escape is my choice. My escape is not by creating my own fictional reality as others do– my escape is far more devious: I will take what people used to think of as fiction, and realize it as if it were real all alone.

In other words, rather than create my own reality, I will define reality as we know it. I will share my paper flowers with the world, and show the world how my paper flowers are  more real than their organic ones. To redefine reality, that is My escape.

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