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My Paradigm

August 7, 2010

When I transitioned from th3g1vr to nspyraishn, I wasn’t just changing my focus. I was changing my paradigm– to a more “social” perspective. It didn’t fully occur to me until now, but whereas the majority of my writing on Th3g1vr has been about metaphysics, epistemology, and self-analysis, nspyraishn has been almost entirely dedicated to social dynamics.

The reason for this paradigm shift of mine is actually in the name- I wanted to “Nspyr” others with my writing, and I realized that to make this happen, I had to see things from other’s perspective, and target the issues in my own thought patterns that are most detrimental to truth inspiring other people. So naturally, my writing shifted to targeting social issues, because until that point I hadn’t even so much as thought about how my writing, my creative expression– my thoughts, had impacted other people.

I hadn’t a clue what people thought of my writing, I just wrote, relying on the blind hope that somehow people would understand and appreciate it, if only a little. Everything that I wrote in Th3g1vr was articulately expressed, but nevertheless raw ideas. I never filtered my ideas so that other people could understand them; after all, if they could not appreciate what I wrote just by reading it, they are obviously unworthy of my insights– that kind of arrogant attitude.

But sooner or later I realized that “great ideas” do not make good writing, and so I strove to gradually write with a new focus– a focus that included an audience, instead of just what essentially amounted to “organized chaos”. For me, this change in my focus merited a new blog dedicated to this shift and thought, and thus NspyraishN was born. But never had I realized what an impact NspyraishN has had on my writing– not until now.

This is my paradigm: Inspiration. Such an ideal cannot be reached alone, for inspiration cannot thrive in isolation as can Th3g1vr; a goal of these proportions requires the full support of everyone. After all, in NspyraishN cannot inspire everyone, then it cannot truly be considered inspiration.

So that I might impact the world with the insights I discovered in Th3g1vr, and continue to discover in NspyraishN, I must learn to see the world from

the outside looking in,

just as I have learned from Th3g1vr to see myself from

the inside looking out.

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