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August 7, 2010

A lot of people don’t believe in multiple personalities; still others will rationalization them as being “alter-egos”, created to displace insecurities about oneself. While I think that the differences between alter-egos and multiple personalities is nothing but semantics, I do also believe the “displacement” part is very true; in fact, that’s exactly why I created my personalities in the first place.

The only difference between my personalities and those of people who suffer from DID, is that I am using my personalities to displace my anxieties in a very specific way: sublimation; in my case in particular, I am using my personalities to diversify my reality.

You see, as I first realized upon writing the post “Career of Variety”, I realized that “even if I were able to accomplish those ambitions, nothing would come of it- I would still be a “jack of all trades, master of none”- that would apply even if I indeed excelled in all areas, because humans only can reach their true potential when they dedicate their lives to a single passion- such is the fabric of life.” (My initial recording of this can be found here).

But for me to focus all of my energies on a single pursuit would be meaningless, as I would be prioritizing raw output over self-fulfillment– there are many different things I want to do in life, and to sacrifice the many for the success of one passion is a trade that I am not willing to make. I would indeed rather live a career of variety than be a master of a few fortes, as my greatest value in life is inspiration; to be inspired as much as possible, I must always be indulging in newer passions regularly, lest I stagnate in the push for perfection.

So I have this problem before me: how can I be perfect and still indulge in all of the beauty in life. This paradox appears to be inevitably unresolvable, as evidenced by the tacit requirement that beauty be the product of imperfection; that is, I cannot be both beautiful and perfect at the same time, because beauty itself can only exist because perfection is devoid from my existence.

I have decided to try to resolve this imperfection by means of sublimating it; by displacing beauty from my perfect self onto various imperfect alter-egos, I will have successfully thwarted the natural limitations of beauty and perfection; by diversifying my ego into multiple alter-egos, I can be perfect without having to sacrifice the opportunities to be inspired, and to inspire others. That is the power of self-diversification.

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