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Trying Too Hard

August 5, 2010

Sure enough, my greatest weakness is that I try too hard. Even when it comes to what I’m best at– writing– I excel when it comes to subjects that I have little interest in, and fail at effectively communicating the ideas that I am most passionate about. Thus, to quote Kurt Cobain, “I’m worse at what I do best, and for this gift I feel blessed!”

Or is it a curse?

In either case, I’ve noticed that everything that I am passionate about, I fail to express properly because I’m so self-absorbed on the subject that I am unable to connect with my target audience (in my own world). On the other hand, when I write about a subject I am only moderately interested in, I can more effectively communicate my thoughts, because my detachment allows me to talk about it in a way people can actually connect with.

So as it turns out, my grades were below my expectations in English class, not because I wasn’t trying hard enough (as I originally thought), but because I was trying too hard!

This did not occur to me until I helped a friend with their essay. Something felt different– felt more free when I was editing their essay. Somehow, it appears that my own bias is so strong that it prevents me from effectively expressing my thoughts. When I helped that friend, I was only somewhat interested in their topic, so there was no bias. As a result, they got an “A” from my work, and I got a “B” for an Essay that I put a lot more thought and effort into.

This has taught me a very important lesson: I should not go into a career where I am passionate about my work– doing so will only prevent me from truly shining in my field of work.

Writing is something that I want to keep as a hobby, but it is also something I want to make a career of. Therefore, I’ve decided to pursue a career in journalism precisely because I am only somewhat interested in news. The prerequisites to successful journalism- a knowledge of history and research skills, are also areas that I am only somewhat interested in, so it’s a safe bet that journalism would suit me well as a future career.

As ironic as it seems, “trying too hard” seems to be my downfall…to be successful in life, I’m going to have to separate my passions from my professional life, so that my target audience can have a fuller appreciation of my words.

Whereas normally people connect with their audiences by becoming emotionally involved, it’s obvious at this point that I connect best with my audience using the exact opposite approach. I connect with my audience by becoming detached from the subject matter.

Now tell me, is that weird or what?

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  1. A Reader of th3g1vr since 20 Dec 06 permalink
    August 6, 2010 12:22 pm

    While you have been in college this summer, I have watch you experience several burst of brilliance, more salient than you may realize. I am happy as I watch you learn and as I watch your development;—congratulations! When I see you, I shall have more to say about your post.

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