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August 2, 2010

If I had a list of things in this world that most irked me, prerequisites would probably be at the top of that list. Even today, as I contemplated my future (both financially and educationally), I spent far more time thinking about how to “get around” prerequisites than how to “get past” them.

I’m the “instant-gratification” type of person, so if I can’t get what I want in this world, I just give up. It’s not about being impatient (although there was a point in time when I was)– it’s not like I “can’t wait”– it’s about results; I want results (and I honestly don’t care to much for what kind) now! So when I don’t get something accomplished right away, I move on to something that can be accomplished sooner. Something like writing this blog post, for instance.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of things that I want in this world are extremely difficult to accomplish, and require these infernally tedious baby-steps that we call “prerequisites”. If there’s anything that’s preventing not just me, but anyone in this god-forsaken world from reaching their true potential, it probably has something to do with this politically correct word.

Prerequisites. It even sounds painfully tedious.

If it weren’t for prerequisites, I would have written several novels, developed and propogated the scientific field of “Ego Engineering”, retired early, gotten a beautiful girlfriend, and probably even married by now.

If it weren’t for prerequisites, I probably would have taken over the world by now. Now everyone should know that owning the world isn’t really that much fun– its the “taking over” part that makes you feel good. So when/if I manage to take over the world, I’m more than likely to give it back afterwards– though I’d probably arrange for a “true democracy”– a style of government that although originally impossible (too inefficient!) is now easily accomplished via the Internet.

But in either case, if would appear that the entire world is being put on hold– by prerequisites. Global warming is still a concern because prerequisites. Cancer is still a major cause of death because of prerequisites. You know why that we still haven’t “solved” world hunger? Truth is, we solved that problem a long time ago– we just were never able to get around to implementing it because of Prequisites!

Okay, enough with the melodrama…

So how will I (and perhaps the rest of the civilized world!) proceed from here? How shall I deal with these nasty hurdles that plague my efforts at success. Well, there’s no real way around them…I’ll just have to deal with it– with them! Any other route is just delusion, escapism, and self-deception.

Yeah it’s tedious, but through tediously working through prerequisites, a refined and matured character will emerge. That’s why prerequisites aren’t optional: becoming rich the quick and easy way might sound appealing and gratifying, but it won’t teach you anything, and you won’t gain anything from it. Money gained without pain is no gain at all– it might mean something to others, but it is of no real profit to oneself.

The real wealth then cannot be found in the present– in the immediate and instant gratification of the now. True wealth exists only in that which is built up over time– those aspects of life that appear marginal and of no consequence in the short run, but over a lifetime will prove invaluable.

So as it turns out, prerequisites are not nearly as tedious as they would appear to be. Life sure is full of surprises, isn’t it?


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