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July 28, 2010

I’m drunk right now, so I figure I’m probably more normal than usually, since my intellectuality and existentialist bullshit isn’t getting in the way.

Moving on…

So the way I figure it, ignorance is bliss.

No seriously!

A lot of people think that the world would be a better place if people knew what the fuck was going on in the world.

Well, perhaps since I’m not sober you can’t take my opinion seriously; but nevertheless,  have a lot of experience in this so-called “truth”, and I’m telling you right now, ignorance really is bliss.

K.I.S.S.– “Keep It Simple Stupid!” If people just believed what they were told, and totalitarian government prevailed– yeah sure it seems, but that’s only because (due to relativity) we don’t know any better– the world would ultimately be a better place. If everyone just went along with “the norm”, things would be so much better. Universality is after all the key to world peace.

So why don’t people just accept norms? Because of their own pride. I’m not exception– I let my own pride get in the way of my happiness. If I would just “let it go” (and if everyone would do the same for that matter), YES the world would be a better place. But we can’t let that happen– because of our useless Goddamn pride.

Why can’t we just stick to what works? The world has been around for millions of years– what makes anyone think that *their* master plan is going to make a difference. Creative? Sure! But creativity and  “positive change” are two completely different things.

If “quality of life” is the aim, we aren’t going to find that in change. Revolution doesn’t actually make anything “better”; it may make things look better in the short run, but even for those changes that are beneficial, it takes years for their effects to be realized.

So at least “in the now”, we’re better off sticking with what we have; refining the “good enough” rather than trying to stir up something new hoping that “the ends justifies the means”. Even if it appears to be “good” change, too much of any good thing is detrimental.

Balance is essential to any society hoping for a good quality of life, and for Balance to occur, we have to keep it simple; stick with what we know. Revolution requires taking time to smooth out all the rough edges, and the benefits of most revolutionary actions are almost always overtaken by the costs.

So if you want to foster positive change, keep it simple, and stick with what you have. Keep it simple; rather than trying to revitalize the world with new content, it’s usually better to revise and refine existing content. A the very least, that’s much better than “re-inventing the wheel”.

A solid and productive society is not built on revolution; it is built on solid, proven values. So if you want the world to be a better place, rather than seeking to replace existing values ones that you perceive to be superior, instead take existing values and improve upon them. Simplicity such as this is after all the cornerstone of any successful society.

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