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20 Easy Steps for Learning to Love

July 27, 2010

It’s all in the mindset…Here are the 20 “easy” steps:

1. Let go of all your prejudice.

2. Realize how complicated life is without all the prejudice.

3. Withdrawal period (characterized by angst).

4. Start feeling lost and hopeless.

5. Life becomes chaotic and oppressive.

6. You get used to life’s oppressive nature, and give up.

7. You become jaded; everything becomes meaningless.

8. You become an existentialist, and accept the depressing lack of meaning in life.

9. You realize that angst and existentialism are over-rated, and pursue an alternative mindset.

10. You realize you are back to square one, and are feeling philosophically exhausted.

11. You give up.

12. You become enlightened, and are completely taken off-guard by the seemingly ill-timed epiphany.

13. Life still sucks, but you realize that there is a lot of meaning in that suckiness.

14. You still loath the world and everyone in it, but you hate yourself for hating the world.

15. You resolve to change your mindset to a more meaningful one.

16. You finally realize that the source of all meaning of life is sharing your life with other people.

17. You realize that love is social and hate is antisocial, that there is more meaning in love than in hate.

18. You put two and two together, and logically conclude that love is a far more meaningful pursuit than any other, and make that a priority.

19. Because love is your greatest value in life, you are able to pursue it uncompromisingly, and because hatred is detrimental to your pursuit of love, it becomes very difficult to hate.

20. Finally! Your pursuit of Love makes it easy to love, and difficult to hate. The solutions was right under your nose the entire time. You just needed to realize what things are most important in life, and follow your heart!

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