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Synchronicity of the Soul

July 9, 2010

Synchronicity is “the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner.” I have a very unusual (and independently-derived) understanding of the soul– or more specifically, of the relationship between the body and the soul. I believe that (as I dub it) “Synchronicity of the Soul” occurs every night while we sleep (and particularly when we have dreams), and that all of the things that we perceive as “meaningful” (i.e. communication, emotions, logic, spirituality, intuition, instinct) are the direct byproduct of body-soul synchronization.

I first developed these beliefs in my posts “My Beliefs about Reincarnation/Evolution”, with the dream synchronization aspect of this covered in “Dreams”. I suggest that you read those posts first so you can better understand what I will talk about in this post.

Towards the end of my “Dreams” post, I added the following disclaimer:

“update- the thoughts below, although make wonderful food for thought- have (in my mind) been slightly overshadowed by some information I have recently become aware of that suggests that dreams are far more likely to be primarily caused by stress. In some of the examples below, you may find that stress would make even more sense in those circumstances. Furthermore I myself have admitted to living a worry-free lifestyle (although in contrast to the life as should living in relation to my “illnesses” and medical history)- and consequently, I have had almost no dreams overall. This further evidences stress as the predominant factor.”

Since then I have been gradually refining my understanding of the synchronization of the soul, with my obsession with the Essence of the Soul (which itself is a search for Beauty) proving to be the single biggest piece of the puzzle.

My search for understanding the Essence of the Soul has finally culminated in a better understanding of  the causal relationship (Synchronicity) between the body and the soul, which I will impart to you below:

One of the important things I realized in “Dreams”, is (as explained in the above disclaimer) that dreams are indeed often caused by stress, but what I didn’t realize at the time is that this stress factor actually supports the notion that dreams are the result of soul synchronicity.

To clarify, first we must ask the question that most people take for granted: What is stress?

Stress can indeed cause dreaming to occur, from the human side of things.

But I have good reason to believe that, when looking at the bigger picture, it’s actually also the other way around: Stress is the byproduct of soul-synchronization, and (as explained in “Dreams”) that synchronization occurs during the dream state, and the most intense synchronization occurs during conscious dreams.

As first recognized by Aristotle (and was somewhat independently-derived by myself), humans have three different souls: The plant soul (the “vegetative” soul,  capable of reproduction and growth), the animal soul (the “sensitive” soul, capable of mobility and sensation), and the human soul (the “rational” soul, capable of thought and reflection.)

I’ve continued along this line of thought, and taking it several steps further:

First of all, if there are three different souls, they must refer to three different states of existence:

1. The Vegetative soul is an entirely physical existence.

2. The Rational soul is an entirely spiritual existence.

3. The Animal Soul is a state of existence that is the hybrid of the vegetative and rational states.

Secondly, all thoughts, experiences, and feelings that we have are the direct byproducts of soul synchronization.

Thirdly everything that is considered meaningful (logic, emotions, spirituality, intuition, instinct) are the manifestation of the aforementioned byproducts– and are more specifically the active perception of:

a) The spiritual self that has been corrupted by physical phenomena

b) The physical self that has been corrupted by spiritual phenomena

This is where stress comes into the picture:

In scientific fields, stress refers to “the consequence of the failure of an organism – human or animal – to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.”

My definition of stress is a bit more grandiose, although it’s consistent with the above definition, at least in regards to the physiological aspects. I divide stress into three different but interconnected types of stress, namely “physical stress”, “spiritual stress”, and “instinct stress”.

“Physical stress is the consequence of the failure of a body (animal or human) to adequately meet the needs of the corresponding spiritual self, and / or unable to respond appropriate to emotional or spiritual threats.”

“Spiritual stress is the consequence of the failure of a soul (animal or human) to adequately meet the needs of the corresponding physical self, and / or unable to respond appropriate to emotional or physical threats.”

“Emotional stress is the byproduct of Spiritual and Physical stress, and manifests in forms that are considered “meaningful”, such as logic, emotions, spirituality, and intuition.”

The forms under which Emotional stress manifests could collectively be called “Instinct”.

Here then, we have three different kinds of stress, two of which are exchanged in the soul synchronization process (which mostly occurs during the dream state), and the third of which is a byproduct of Physical and Spiritual stress, a hybridization of the corruption of the Physical and the Spiritual self.

Although I acknowledge three different types of stress, what I refer to as “Emotional stress” is the only kind of stress that can be actively perceived, and so it is the stress to which the more accepted definitions of stress are referring. So I’ll clarify this type of stress first:

Emotional stress is the direct byproduct of physical and mental corruption; this is caused by two main things, one of which is supported by the mainstream definition of stress (although I’m sure that was not their intent!):

1. “The consequence of the failure to adequately meet the needs…”:

Both the soul and body have needs, and the purpose of soul-synchronization is to meet these needs. Both the soul and the body are programmed with identity markers (the body has “DNA”, while the soul has an “aura”), that provide the blueprints for both the body and soul, and also help ensure that both spiritual and physical needs are met.

However, the Soul and the Body are both in a state of gradual evolution, which means that each time they synchronize (usually during the dream state), the DNA and aura of each person changes a little bit; these changes in the blueprints result in physical and spiritual corruption.

2. “The consequence of being unable to respond appropriate to emotional or spiritual threats”

This is type of stress results from the effects of the environment– that is, the effect that “everything else” has on “you” (where “you” refers to the soul being analyzed).

Every time you go to sleep, and your soul synchronizes with your body, the necessary information about the body and the soul (that which is necessary to maintain the integrity of the body and soul, and ensure that all the “parts” thereof are functioning properly) is extracted from your DNA and aura. The DNA and aura are then merged with your present self, essentially updating your Past Self (who you were the last time you entered the dream state) to your Present Self (who you are becoming as a result of the changes in your physical and spiritual self up until “now” (where “now” refers to the moment of synchronization, which of course occurs during the dream-state.)

The problem with this is the “change” part: Your soul can only anticipate who you were, as the future is unknown, and does not become “The Present” until a synchronization occurs to update the future to a “Present State” (which upon the next synchronization would be updated to become a “Past State”).

I think it’s important to point out this fun little fact. Studies into dreaming show that when a person has dreams that involve experiences they’ve actual had, they are usually in great deal based upon their thoughts and activities two days ago (often exactly two days ago).

This is something of a confirmation of my theories listed above, as (if my ‘calculations’ are correct) it takes two days to recall a memory of the past in dream form: one day for the experiences to be converted from future to present, and another day to convert the present to past; memories then cannot become long-term memories unless at least two dream-states have occurred after said memories have been experienced.

Moving on:

Because both the soul and body can only understand what which it has already experienced, if new experiences occur, which include spiritual, bodily, and emotional experiences, the soul and  / or body needs to “deal with them”. Thus, anything that is considered “new” (that is, unexpected) is what the scientific definition of stress referred to as “threats”.

New experiences are “threats” because of the corruption that they inevitably cause. If a person’s human body encountered unexpected “spiritual forces” (examples of which will be given below), their body will not know how to deal with it, and will be forced to adapt. As adaptation is the primary component of evolution, one could say that “New experiences” are the cause of evolution, be they good or bad.

Although physical adaptation is good in that it promotes growth and maturity, it has the side-effect of gradual “mutation”, that is, the altering of genetic code (DNA).

On the other hand, if a soul encounters unexpected “physical forces” (examples of which will also be given below), their soul will not know how to deal with it, and will have to adapt. Such adaptation is the source of “spiritual evolution”, and the consequences (be they good or bad) are mostly unknown.

Spiritual evolution is probably a good thing overall, but it also has a crucial side effect of altering the soul’s spiritual code (aura).

As you may have noticed, changes in the DNA or Aura of a person are mostly caused by “threats” (that is, unexpected phenomena).

3. Finally, there is the corruption caused by the Emotional self, which is itself the hybridized byproduct of mental and spiritual corruption. Interestingly enough, the Emotional self produces its own kind of corruption, resulting in a new type of phenomena, which although built upon a pattern by its very nature, is extremely unpredictable. I suppose another way of putting it, is that the pattern the Emotional self is built upon is Chaos itself.

Although chaotic by its nature, most phenomena caused by the Emotional self can be categorized as “Instinct”.

Unlike the Spiritual and Physical self, the Emotional self does not feel threatened, as it does not synchronize (its very nature is to desynchronize), and so has no need of expectations– it actually prefers the unexpected, as it feeds off of such phenomena in the first place. Although the Emotional self is not directly the cause of corruption, it does amplify its effects.

(note: this post is incomplete)

This “corruption”, known in the real world as “Stress”, is the ultimate source of many physical and spiritual phenomena;

Some of these phenomena are “good” (benefits the human body and  / or soul):

(insert list here):

Some are “evil” (detrimental to the human body and / or soul):

(insert list here):

Some have a relatively neutral effect, and are mostly a curiosity:

(insert list here):

Some benefit the soul at the expense of the body, or benefit the body at the expense of the soul:

(insert list here):

To be edited in:

this post is in retrospect likely one of my biggest breakthroughs in my analysis of dreams. this posts is also supposed to help explain why we die. so, read on if you want, to find out why you will someday die!

the parts I didn’t do include the part where I explicitly explained why we die. basically, we die because of a gradual deterioration of the synchronization process. we die because the soul and body are unable to synchronize properly to begin with, resulting in disease and infection…and as the corruption grows greater with each day (due to the copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy effect) we die a little bit more each day.

premature death (i.e. to getting shot, stabbed, or jumping off a cliff) occurs because the physical changes that occur are too incompatible with the existing soul– the stress caused by such phenomena cause the soul to go into shock, unable to properly adapt to these changes. Conversely, spiritual stress (i.e. “possession”, mental illness, a stroke) can cause the body to go into shock (i.e. a heart attack/coma), because the body is unable to adapt to the spiritual changes.

Aeon Flux served as part of my inspiration for these theories, only in the case of Aeon Flux, the cause was reiterative human cloning. according my theory, by contrast, humans naturally clone themselves every day to synchonize with changes both internally and of the environment. either way, both in Aeon Flux and in reality, we would be dying for the same reason


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