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What’s The Point?

July 2, 2010

I have often written about “the point” (mostly in th3g1vr), an elusive epiphany that comes and goes, that represents the ultimate meaning of life. It takes the form in emotions and thoughts, and in mysticism and illusion. Realizing the point is the key to attaining true enlightenment.

So what’s the point?

I’ve attributed “the point” to several phenomena, but these are just means by which “the point” is manifested. To sum up such a cosmically vast understanding of things with one unified “Theory of Everything” would be impossible, but to express it in a more poetic fashion:

It’s “looking at the bigger picture”.

To know the point means “different ways of looking at the same thing”, “both sides of the coin”, “the outside looking in, the inside looking out”; to experienced the sensation that deep down, everything and everyone is all connected. That we are all the same entity shared by many bodies– that the only thing keeping us from complete social unity is our need for individualism. The we are one Essence– that we are the physical manifestation of God.

These are some of the ways that we might experience “the point”. I guess you could say that God is the point, and that the point is God– that through understanding and experiencing “the point”, we can experience and understand God.

But sadly, most of the time we all tend to “miss the point”. Missing the point is the direct source of all “sin”. This is likely part of why “sin” (from hamartanein) means “to miss the mark” — to sin means to “miss the point”, in other words.

And sure enough, “missing the point” is indeed the cause of all the bad things that happen in the world.

The world is at war because people forget that we are all the same person; people fight and bicker because they can’t see past themselves to look at the bigger picture. Because we miss the point, our lives are often wasted on the trivial pursuits of lust, power, and greed. One who looks at the bigger picture would realize that we have no need for these things– that ultimately, such pursuits are a meaningless waste of time and energy– just a distraction that keeps us from facing who we really are: God manifested.

That’s the reason why God hates sin so much. It’s because sin keeps us from manifesting his glory– it causes us to stray from his purposes. And it makes us alien to him, and alien to each other. In sin we are divided. In sin we are alone.

I am no exception– I sin every day. But to the best of my ability, I strive to rid myself of sin, that I might fulfill the purpose that God has designed for me– designed for us all.

Whomever reads this, I challenge you to try your very best to not “miss the point”, as doing so not only keeps you from understanding and appreciating God– it makes you alien to yourself and the world as well.

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