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Inspiration Personified: Story of my life

June 27, 2010

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m the most complicated person they’ve ever met, and perhaps they’re right. But if I were to shed away my skin, take off my mask, and expose my inner-most being, there would only be one single thing that defines who I am: Inspiration.

Inspiration might be simple for some, but for me it is infinitely complex; it is this complexity that makes me who I am today. It goes far beyond mere influence or creativity. Inspiration holds a much higher place in my life: it’s even more valuable to me than truth itself.

Inspiration is the air that I breathe, the bread that I eat, and my meaning and purpose in life. Everything that I live and strive for is built upon the desire and resolve to be inspired, and to inspire others.

In the past four years I have had a great deal of experiences, both wonderful and terrible. I’ve experienced the personalized environment of home-schooling, the warmth and supportive enrichment of going to private school, and the suppression and frustration of a continuation school. I know all too well the hardships of group homes, and have suffered from every kind of abuse. I have had the pleasure of falling in love, more than once, and it is these memories that I will most cherish.

When I look back in retrospect, I wouldn’t change anything that’s happened to me in these few years– not even the bad memories. Not just because they are part of who I am; there’s a much more important reason: because they inspire me.

Life is overflowing with valuable knowledge, lessons, experiences, and emotions. But at least for me, to truly experience all that is life, it’s crucially important to learn to accept the good with the bad.

By developing this ‘good with the bad’ mindset, I’ve opened myself up to more opportunities than a sheltered life could ever hope to appreciate. In learning to accept both sides of the proverbial coin, I have opened up my mind to the world, and have also opened the world up to my mind as well. Whereas before I could only see life linearly, a logical progression of daily activities, now I can see the bigger picture; inspiration has given me a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of the world.

When this soul-searching quest of mine began a few years ago, I was naïve, lost, and mindless. I was used to people telling me how to live my life, schools telling me what to learn, and church telling me what to believe. Life was a no-brainer, and I was happy with that.

Then reality came crashing down on me, and the bliss of ignorance was no longer an option. Once I realized that I didn’t really believe in anything– that I only went along with what other people did, I knew I couldn’t believe in anything anymore; not like I used to anyway.

I needed to set a new standard for truth. Something that was independent of conditions or authority. Something that could be more powerful than facts or evidence. I needed a foundation so transcendent that no one could say or do anything to take it away from me.

That “something” was inspiration! I now judge truth not by evidence, authority or by facts, but by the magnitude of influence that it has on my life; and more importantly, the impact it has on the world.

There is no relevance to the validity of things when it comes to this measure of truth. Rather than judging something based upon reputation, authority, or empirical value, inspiration lets the ‘work speak for itself’. There are certain ideas so powerful and pervasive, that they permeate every facet of Society, every culture, and every ethical code.

I believe that truth that is measured by its impact on Society is very real, because its worth is proven through the effect that it has on people. So I say, “let the world decide what truth is!”

I don’t expect many people to truly understand the thoughts that go on in my head, or the values that I hold, but I hope that at the very least that the world might be inspired, just as it inspires me.

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  1. A Reader of th3g1vr since 20 Dec 06 permalink
    June 27, 2010 8:21 pm

    I hope you find true love that is lasting.

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