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Feminist Rant

June 13, 2010

Just so that there are not misunderstandings, I am in all honesty a proponent of the Feminist movement, especially in regards to political philosophy.

The following rant deals with my concerns not over the emergence of the Feminist movement itself (which I feel in the long run has done more good than harm), but with the extreme lack of proper focus and integrity within the movement, which is preventing much of the positive aspects of the movement from being appreciated:

(Much of the content in this post is derived from “Two Become One”; that content has been removed from that post due to its lack of relevance to the primary focus of the post, and will be presented in this post instead)

The following statements are not directed at women– they are directed at feminists. I don’t personally believe in gender roles, and so although females might statistically make up the majority of feminists, this is irrelevant to the post.

Some of the statements I made may imply the opposite– that I am a strong believer in gender roles.

This is where I take the middle ground: A man should not consider himself a man unless he is willing to take on the man’s responsibilities, and a woman should not consider herself a woman unless she takes on a woman’s responsibilities. And in a relationship, a woman submits to her husband, and the husband supports his wife– figuratively, “wearing the pants” in the relationship.

I don’t think there is any necessary biological requirements for a person to identify as either role, but it is socially necessary to choose your own role (male or female), and stick with it, at least for that relationship.

Biology isn’t the problem– it’s the hypocrisy and melodramatic fickle nature of people that identify as men and behave like little girls, and women who identify as female but act like little boys.

Get over yourself, and make up your mind already– that’s what my emphasis is in regards to the corruption caused by Feminism.

Before I continue, some things that you should note:

1. Physical intercourse and its impact on relationships is not relevent to this post.

2. Feminism is not due to mistreatment or being condescending. If you actually read the post, you would know that women originally turned a blind eye to this– Why do you think marriage was a stable institution for so long?

The ultimate source you could say is “public awareness”– but even this is derived from feminism (i.e. gossip)

It deals with the exchange of power– If something is considered “normal” to those affected, they won’t resist. For example, until fairly recently, both practically and legally, it wasn’t technically considered abuse to beat a woman unless the rod was thicker than your thumb. “mistreatment” and “condescending” are opinions are completely relative, making that a mute point.

Moving On:

I have often thought about the reasons for the decline of marriage and traditional values in relationships, and one thing always comes to mind: Feminists!

Throughout history, relationships were always predictable, lifelong, [relatively] happy, and strong. Families stayed together, sex was frequent, morality was “a given”, and life was normal.

Then those damn feminists had to go and screw everything up!!!

Well, that’s a bit dramatic way of putting it, but in some respects, it’s not far from the truth:

The reason why that marriages were historically lifelong and stable were…because men had all the authority in the relationship. Women were conditioned to submit to their husbands, and their greatest joy (as was their duty given by Society) was to please their husbands in every way they could.

Generally, women in those days were quite happy with their role in Society, and would only become unhappy when their husbands would abuse, neglect, or mistreat thembeyond reason. Women in those days were not spoiled bitches who spend their time thinking of reasons to say their mates are abusing– In those days, they thought on the bright side– even living in denial if they were being abused, resorting to divorce or resistance only when they felt they had no other choice.

But in this present reality, women have eaten their own evil apple “Feminism”, and so have thrust the whole world into sin and destruction just so that they can get a little taste of what it means to be a man– to “be in control”.

What women don’t realize, is that they are not equipped for this kind of control– they are far too emotional for it. Every time a woman tries to control anything…everything becomes needlessly complicated and chaotic…For a woman to truly control anything is…well…impossible.

Yes– The world would probably be a far better place if wives submitted to their husbands. The selfish and petty need to “wear the pants” in a relationship has directly resulted in the majority of the sexual and social corruption in the world. If women weren’t so selfish, America would probably still be the best place in the world to live.

But in the end,  that isn’t the real problem.

The real problem is that love, marriage, and relationships in general are built upon such a fragile system in the first place.


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